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Today Is the 15th Anniversary of the Death of the Most Famous Person in American Popular Culture. Here’s the Movie or Miniseries About Him Someone in Hollywood Should Have the Guts to Make

My parents hated each other. They fought constantly. I don’t remember seeing a single loving moment between them. By the time I was 12, it was over. Splitsville. They divorced. They both went on to have loving, fulfilling second marriages,…

May 14, 2013

The TV Academy Gets Real, With a Night of Honors That Don’t Get Nearly as Much Attention as the Emmys — but May Be Even More Important

Some called the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner a “nerd prom,’ and that term also came to mind — in a completely endearing way — at the 6th Annual Television Academy Honors, held May 9 at the Beverly Hills Hotel….

May 13, 2013

TV’s Greatest Writers on TV’s Greatest Writers

When you have Norman Lear and Carl Reiner in the house — two of television’s most brilliant, legendary creators who go back to the original golden age of the medium — it’s assuredly going to be a night to remember….

May 13, 2013

MTV and Its Corporate Cousins Going Back to Their Musical Roots

More than three decades after its debut created a seismic shift in the pop culture landscape, it can be very easy to forget that MTV still stands for music television. That also makes it surprising to learn that 1,200 hours…

May 10, 2013