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The Must-See Movie of the Summer — and You’ve Gotta See It in a Theater, Because It’s Got the Best Use of 3-D We’ve Ever Seen (Sorry, Mr. Cameron). But It’s Really Tough to Find in Your Neighborhood Theater. How You Can Help

I just saw a most wonderful, upbeat summer movie about approaching the early-autumn of our years, a must-see buddy movie that, upon initial viewing, I thought was a spectacular all-wet extravaganza. Having seen it again a day later, I’ll borrow…

Jul 26, 2013

‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Hamm Takes a Walk on the Lighter Side

Those who have followed Jon Hamm’s career closely over the past few years will know that in addition to the tall, dark, handsome, brilliant, broody and deceptive character of Don Draper that he plays on "Mad Men," Hamm has a…

Jul 16, 2013

More Than Meets the Eye in New FX Drama

Two cops. Two cultures. Two countries. Two movie stars. A rogue reporter. A mysterious killer — and a string of unsolved murders. It’s an equation that looks to equal a hit for FX. “The Bridge,” starring Diane Kruger and Demian…

Jul 10, 2013