Open Mic

TV’s Greatest Writers on TV’s Greatest Writers

When you have Norman Lear and Carl Reiner in the house — two of television’s most brilliant, legendary creators who go back to the original golden age of the medium — it’s assuredly going to be a night to remember….

May 13, 2013

MTV and Its Corporate Cousins Going Back to Their Musical Roots

More than three decades after its debut created a seismic shift in the pop culture landscape, it can be very easy to forget that MTV still stands for music television. That also makes it surprising to learn that 1,200 hours…

May 10, 2013

‘SNL’ Guru Lorne Michaels Steps Out From Behind the Scenes — and Spills Secrets From the Other Side of the Curtain

With the exception of his brief but fairly regular cameos on “Saturday Night Live,” executive producer Lorne Michaels is a man who prefers to work behind the scenes, someone who doesn’t normally seek the spotlight. But as one of the…

Apr 18, 2013

Had Enough Movie Awards Yet? MTV Adds Its Coda to the Season — Along With a Look at What’s Ahead

Just when you thought movie awards season ended with the Oscars and kudo-attention shifted to the Emmys, along come the MTV Movie Awards to shower last year’s films with golden popcorn trophies. The awards show, which aired live from Sony…

Apr 16, 2013

A Family Trip Evokes Poetic Thoughts of Spring, Robert Frost and an Odd College Tradition

Walking Back to the Future The resemblance was uncanny. She looked remarkably like Payton, A girl whom I had had a crush on Like Forrest had on Jenny. Back then we were both seventeenStudying romantic poets in the spring.She paid…

Apr 5, 2013

How Cable’s Top Programmers Are Keeping Their Channels on Top

Amongst them, they have hits ranging from "Girls" to "Hatfields & McCoys," "Game of Thrones" to "Duck Dynasty," “Southland” to “Dallas” and lucrative reruns of comedies including "Seinfeld" and "The Office." The big topics of discussion as Nancy Dubuc, Michael…

Mar 6, 2013

Costume Designers Awards a Loose, Fitting Affair

Anne Hathaway had the crowd going when she dramatically announced, "We should all take a moment of silence …," took a long pause, and then continued, "for the more than 100 disco balls that died for the sake of my…

Feb 22, 2013

More Honors for ‘Argo’ — an In-Depth Look at the Writers Guild Awards

To twist a popular line from the screenplay — "I’ve never left anyone behind" — "Argo” is apparently not leaving any awards behind. Chris Terrio added another one to the film’s trophy case by taking the award for best adapted…

Feb 19, 2013

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Is Like a Twisting, Turning, Head-Spinning Roller Coaster Ride, and Just as Exhilarating. This Long Presidents’ Day Weekend Is a Good Time to Binge-Watch Season One

I’ve always thought the best dramas usually have the nastiest of villains. Think “one-armed man” in the original TV series — or the movie version — of “The Fugitive.” Or the sicko killer named Scorpio in “Dirty Harry,” played with…

Feb 14, 2013

‘Argo’ Steamroller Continues Its Momentum With DGA Award for Affleck

It was, of course, Ben Affleck’s night at the 65th Annual DGA Awards, and the newly anointed best director of “Argo” could be forgiven for acting almost like a kid in a candy store — or an actor auditioning for…

Feb 4, 2013