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Can ‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Gemma Find Redemption? Katey Sagal Opens Up

As “Sons of Anarchy” hurtles at high speed toward its series denouement on Dec. 9 after seven adrenalized seasons, the drama and speculation around the fate of one lead character is fiercer than ever. That would be Gemma Teller Morrow,…

Nov 24, 2014

CNN Documentary Asks Whether College Is Worth the Price

What used to be taken as generally accepted wisdom — that the path to success in our society includes a college degree — is called into question in a thought-provoking documentary, “Ivory Tower,” which asks the burning question of whether…

Nov 20, 2014

The One Question Angela Bassett Has Never Been Asked — Until Now

Angela Bassett has had a long and diverse career on television and film, but there’s something she’s never been asked about any of the characters she’s played: Is she or isn’t she a she? Until now. As Desiree Dupree on…

Nov 14, 2014

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ Returns on HBO. How the Series Finally Won Us Over

While waiting for the third and final season of “The Newsroom” to begin — which happened last night — many of us were surprised in April to hear that the creator of the show, Aaron Sorkin, had apologized for it….

Nov 10, 2014

HBO Gives Fans of ‘The Comeback’ Something New to Cherish

Sunday nights are about to get very interesting again on HBO. The pay cabler is about to launch the third and final season of its drama “The Newsroom,” followed by the comedy comeback of “The Comeback,” which ran for one…

Nov 7, 2014

The Genius of ‘Car Talk’ and Its Co-Host, Tom Magliozzi

I love cars. More specifically, I love to drive cars. As a native Southern Californian — and a second-generation one at that — most likely it’s in my DNA. But what I actually know about fixing cars would, as the…

Nov 4, 2014

Stream It Now: One of the Funniest, Most Pointed Movies Ever Made. Vilified by Many Critics at the Time, It’s a Black Comedy Made 20 Years Before the Term Was Invented

The original “To Be or Not to Be,” starring Jack Benny and Carole Lombard (who was killed in a plane crash just two weeks after the filming of the movie ended), co-written (uncredited) and directed by Ernst Lubitsch, is one…

Nov 1, 2014

Multi-Platinum-Selling Band Creates a ‘Musical Map of America’ — and Lets Us In on the Process

What would a multiple Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum record-selling band do to mark its 20th year in the music business? Well, put out a new album of course. But if that band is the Foo Fighters, the concept was to create…

Oct 16, 2014

Even With Hollywood’s Deeply Ingrained Sexism, a Few Woman Have Thrived — Here’s Their Story

Fifteen women. One hundred years. That’s the terrain covered in 52 minutes in “Makers: Women in Hollywood,” a new documentary produced by Rory Kennedy and co-produced and directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton, airing on PBS and available in an extended…

Oct 7, 2014

A Domestic Take on the Acclaimed ‘Broadchurch’ — With Some Close Connections to the Original

Devotees of the acclaimed British crime procedural “Broadchurch” will want to get used to a different version of the way English is spoken when ”Gracepoint” takes to the airwaves on Fox for a 10-part murder mystery series. It’s not unusual…

Oct 2, 2014