SXSW Conference 2008

The South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas is drawing Web video talent and dealmakers. Started as a music festival in the late 80's, the festival has burgeoned to include film and interactive arms of media. Web video is becoming a larger part of the Interactive Festival and TVWeek's tech reporter Daisy Whitney is in the midst of the festival, reporting live. Check out TVWeek's exclusive stories, video and blog entries on SXSW.

  • Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute Reporting Live from South by Southwest Interactive Festival
      Daisy Whitney is in Austin, Texas talking with the movers and shakers of Internet video who have migrated to talk shop at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. She'll be bringing interviews and comments from key players at the festival all this week.

    Click the play button in the player to start the video and look through Daisy's playlist to check interviews you may have missed.

    Exclusive TVWeek coverage

    • SXSW a Hub for Online Video Networking
      The South by Southwest Conference, which has become the networking event for the Internet TV business, kicked off in Austin, Texas, over the weekend, and anyone who’s anyone—or anyone who’s trying to be someone—in the online video world likely will turn up there. ...