Digital Dealmakers

Michael Wayne, Co-Founder and CEO of DECA

The player: Michael Wayne, co-founder and CEO of digital studio DECA. The play: DECA is a digital studio that funds, markets and distributes digital shows. The company makes money via advertising support for its shows. The pitch: DECA’s focus is......More »

Yaniv Axen, Co-Founder of SundaySky

The player: Yaniv Axen, co-founder of SundaySky, an online video technology firm that converts information on e-commerce sites into online videos for those sites. The play: SundaySky automates video production because its software takes existing text and visual content on......More »

Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of Dartfish

The player: Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of Dartfish, a digital video software company focusing on sports. The play: Dartfish recently launched, an online video technology platform geared toward sports applications. Dartfish’s software is designed to enhance digital video content with......More »

Scott Ehrlich, CEO of Agility Studios

The player: Scott Ehrlich, CEO of Agility Studios, a digital production studio. The play: Agility Studios positions itself as a boutique shop for the development, production, management, distribution and sale of media properties that can be scaled from the Web...... More »

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