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Perry Wu, CEO of BitGravity

Perry Wu

The player: Perry Wu, CEO of BitGravity

The play: BitGravity is a high-end content delivery network for Internet video that routes high-quality media around the Internet. “We call it interactive broadcast, and what we do is make that possible,” Mr. Wu said. BitGravity operates behind the scenes to deliver media across the Web. As the Internet grows crowded with video, the ability to route video quickly and easily rises in importance.

The pitch: Mr. Wu said the company’s special sauce is delivering video immediately at a high quality and low price.

In the mix: BitGravity competes against companies such as Move Networks and Edgecast. BitGravity clients include Tom Green, who broadcasts live on the Internet at, as well as Getty Images, InterActiveCorp, Sling Media and Revision3, the online television network. Revision3 uses BitGravity to deliver shows such as “Diggnation” and “Tekzilla” to iTunes,, Hulu and other sites that carry its shows. “We are like a service bureau for these content companies,” Mr. Wu said. “We’re the zip in the video. We make it look good, play well, play instantaneously, play at high quality, so they don’t have to worry about that stuff.” BitGravity expects to make deals in the coming months for media, sports and music on the Web.

The backstory: Mr. Wu founded the company two years ago in Burlingame, Calif. YouTube was an early customer before it was bought by Google.

The money guys: Mr. Wu and private investors put an undisclosed amount of seed money in the company. BitGravity has been profitable from the beginning and is aiming to expand worldwide later this year. BitGravity makes money by charging a delivery fee for content.

The pros: As content providers migrate to high-definition and other high-quality video online, BitGravity is well-positioned to seize that business.

The cons: BitGravity likely will face powerful competitors in companies like IBM and possibly Google.

Background: Mr. Wu was born in Castro Valley, Calif., and raised in San Jose. He earned an undergraduate degree from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard. Prior to BitGravity, Mr. Wu was a general partner at ComVentures; he also was a venture capitalist with Accel Partners and Bedrock Capital. He lives in Burlingame with his wife and three daughters.

Who knew? Mr. Wu attended a high school in San Jose with a reputation for being one of the most stressful high schools in the country, but he finished as the valedictorian, held state records in swimming and went on to play varsity water polo at Stanford.


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