CBS’ Stapf, Tassler Join ‘Swingtown’ Cast at Premiere Party

Stapf, Tassler at ‘Swingtown’ Premiere

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  • 30 May 2008

CBS Paramount Television President David Stapf, left, executive producer Carol Barbee, actor Grant Show, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, executive producer Alan Poul and actress Lana Parker celebrate the premiere of “Swingtown” at the CBS Radford Studios in Studio City on May 20. (Mark Davis/CBS)

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1. On 14 Sep 2008, Monnie Kraay wrote:

Has Swingtown, the tv series been canceled? I know it was on CBS, but now I can't find it. There was nothing on tv about the show being canceled. I sure hope it was the end of the season only!! That is one of the best shows on and I sure hope it comes back. Please let me know..
Thank you very much. monnie Kraay

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