Waaaaaahhhh! Heirs Battle Over Lucille Ball’s Estate

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Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, the actress/singer daughter of TV icons Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, will go to court later this week to stop the auction of part of her mother’s estate orchestrated by the Heritage Auction Galleries for Susie Morton, reports the Associated Press. Susie Morton is the widow of Gary Morton, who was Lucy’s husband at the time of her death.

Ball, the beloved star of one of the most popular sitcoms to ever appear on TV, "I Love Lucy," died in 1989.

Arnaz Luckinbill, who was one of the stars of "Here’s Lucy" and appeared on Broadway in "They’re Playing Our Song," wants certain items removed from the Morton auction, the article says: seven love letters, Ball’s address book, some portraits and several lifetime achievement awards being offered for sale.

Arnaz Luckinbill said those items could then be put on public display in a museum, the article says.


  1. Lucie Arnaz has been shamelessly milking her mother’s and father’s legacy for years with her brother under the auspices of “desilu too,” hawking calendars and cookie jars and every item you can think of. They have the licensing rights to Lucy’s and Desi’s images, so obviously Lucille and Desi provided for them generously in their wills. I’m sure the untalented, ungrateful children have made millions. And meanwhile Lucie has bashed Lucille, calling her a bad mother. But she’s more than happy to get rich off of her mother. The only blessing is that the ungrateful children do not own the rights to “I Love Lucy,” which Lucille and Desi sold back to CBS, so they’re not cleaning up on the DVDs, too. Stop being so greedy, Lucie. Try to show just a little of the class that your parents had.

    • Lucille Ball was it as annoying as hell and she had a sick obsession with Desi Arnaz. Why the woman would marry a man six years her Junior and a Spanish Spic was she surprised that he was a womanizer in an alcoholic and again for real anybody could play that part she wasn’t funny she read the lines at the right over I could have done it and I should have done it in modern-day and I should be rich not her

  2. It would seem to me that the wishes of the children would take precedence over those of the widower’s widow.

  3. If Lucie feels so strongly, she can purchase the items at the auction and donate them to this “Museum” that goes unnamed. If it is a non-profit she can get the tax write-off and will actually have spent little cash of her own in the end.

  4. Your the one who is ungrateful. Lucie is doing a service to all of her parents loyal fans that can’t get enough of them and want to remember them fondley. They are only keeping their memory alive. We as fans are grateful.No one else cares. Thanks Lucie you know what the fans want, you know us personely. We love what your doing. All true “Lucy” fans do.

  5. does not matter who wants what .. the fact remains .. this action of lucille Balls items should without question go to her children unless she left a will stating otherwise ..What right does Mortons’ wife have to any of lucys’ items …including the love letters .. I am sure they were not addressed to her ..and even though they in essence belonged to her late husband .. they should remain..with the children . Ones personal feelings should never be up for public display .. I find this tacky and crude.

  6. Step Monsters and 2nd wifes should never ever get any items associated with the first wife, especially if there are children of the first wife. If there are no children then the items should go to her immediate family. I’m sick of these greedy witches!!!!!!!

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  8. Rerosej here has it rightt. Anyone but the actual heirs, especially since she had children, have no right to even touch anything.
    Godless greedy money grubbing witch.

  9. What’s really sad to me is that Marilyn Monroe left most of her estate to Lee Strasberg, her acting coach, mentor and some would say, Svengali. When Strasberg died, his second wife inherited Monroe’s estate. This woman, a Venezuelan emigree, had never met Marilyn Monroe yet she had made tens of millions from licensing Monroe’s image and then finally selling the licensing rights outright. Meanwhile Lee Strasberg’s daughter Susan lived in near poverty and died of cancer. She and Monroe had been very close. Lee Strasberg disinherited both of his children from his first marriage. Which was apparently fine with his second wife.

  10. I simply feel that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz work their backsides off to build the Empire and the name that is so recognizing the public sigh not for any of anybody to go in and take possession of their personal belongings that was not bequeath them in the time of mortality Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were famous actors and actress in the early fifties and sixties up into the 70s for Lucy after preceding death her kids now are stepping up and wanting to take control of their personal belongs to benefit themselves not wanting to get out and do hard work but just get rich off somebody else’s name this is an inexcusable Behavior aportes and honoring your parents and both of you should have your backsides being over and whipped like a dogs that you are go Lucy and Ricky

  11. I’m so sorry for the misspelled words so please forgive me I am just furious right now thinking about the iconic actors that really work for a small wage in the years that they were working in the actor still not making near the amount of money that is paid these days for actors Lucille Ball was paid $3,500 per episode of I Love Lucy with 50% of the royalties and owning full rights to the theme Desi Arnaz negotiated that prior to the I Love Lucy series starting they both had very business since heads on their shoulders I have done many of research on these two individuals and I have found them to be quite and Fascinating People granted Desi Arnaz was a player and he cheated on Lucy at sometimes treating her like dirt this to me the mother of his children is a poor way to show I love you but you all do realize that into the Tino culture the men are dogs the women stay home and give birth and it’s free for them to go out running around chasing pussy from somebody else this is unexcusable of Desi Arnaz

  12. Christopher Bigalow,
    What the hell does your comment mean or is a response to? You just wasted t line on the comment box.

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