Jul 7, 2015
5:27 pm

Report:  Subway Suspends Its Deal With Pitchman Jared Fogle ‘Amid FBI Child Porn Investigation, Sources Say.’ Separate Report Claims Fogle is a Suspect in the Child Porn Case. Yet a Third Report Claims Fogle Was Involved in Porn When He Was in College as Well (ABC News; CBS News; NY Post; Washington Post)

According to the website of ABC News, “Subway has suspended ties with its longtime spokesman Jared Fogle after the FBI searched his house Tuesday.

“‘Subway and Jared Fogle have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation,’ the sandwich chain said in a statement. ‘Jared continues to cooperate with authorities and he expects no actions to be forthcoming. Both Jared and Subway agree that this was the appropriate step to take.”

Separately, CBS News reports “A law enforcement source has confirmed to CBS News that Subway restaurant spokesman Jared Fogle is a suspect in a federal child pornography investigation.

“FBI agents and Indiana State Police were at Fogle’s house in Zionsville, Ind., and have removed electronics from the property.”

A number of media outlets, including both ABC News and CBS News, said that Fogle’s attorney released this statement: “Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion. He has not been detained, arrested or charged with any crime or offense.”

In addition, the New York Post reports that “In 2007, the VH-1 pop-culture show ‘Best Week Ever’ reported that Fogle himself once ran a successful porn-rental business out of his dorm at Indiana University. While ‘Best Week Ever’ characterized Fogle’s porn library as ‘vast and extensive,’ there was never a suggestion that the operation was illegal or involved children.”

The Washington Post adds, “Subway said it was ‘shocked about the news’” that Fogle’s house was raided.

The Washington Post continued, saying that Subway “added that it believed the investigation was related to the arrest of a former employee of Fogle’s foundation. This spring, Russell Taylor, then the executive director of Fogle’s charity, was arrested after investigators found more than 400 child pornography videos at his home.”

The Washington Post also noted that “In a statement released to local media shortly after Taylor’s arrest, Fogle said he was ‘shocked to learn of the allegations against Mr. Taylor.’

“ ‘Effective immediately, the Jared Foundation is severing all ties with Mr. Taylor,’ Fogle said in the statement [at the time].”

Jul 7, 2015
5:00 pm

Rosie Perez Leaving ‘The View’ (Deadline.com)


Rosie Perez is leaving ABC’s “The View,” writes our good friend Lisa de Moraes at Deadline.com.

“‘Our friend Rosie Perez has decided to leave the show to pursue full time her love for acting,’ [‘The View’s’ executive producer] Bill Wolff told staff this afternoon in an email.”

De Moraes adds that Perez’s, “last day on the ABC News program will be August 6, the last original show of the season.”

There had been speculation that Perez would leave the troubled show earlier this year. It’s also been speculated that another co-host on “The View,” Nicolle Wallace, may not return next season.

Writes de Moraes, “Raven-Symone, who joined the show in June, and Whoopi Goldberg are locks to come back next season, but Wallace’s future is unclear.”

Jul 7, 2015
1:44 pm

Happy Ending to ‘Simpsons’ Dispute (TVWeek)

A dispute between producers of “The Simpsons” and one of the show’s main voice actors has a happy ending. Fox announced that Harry Shearer is back with the show for seasons 27 and 28.

Shearer, who provides the voice of Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders and many of the show’s iconic characters, had been the lone holdout among the main cast members. Back in May it appeared that Shearer was off the show, as we reported at the time.

At the time, the issues reportedly included merchandising and the back end.

Fox did not address specifics in its announcement, but said: “Following the announcement of ‘The Simpsons” renewal for an unprecedented 27th and 28th seasons, Fox is proud to confirm that each and every member of the iconic series’ voice cast will be returning in the roles they’ve brought to life since the show’s beginnings as a series of animated shorts nearly 30 years ago.”

The announcement notes that all of the main cast members — Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria, in addition to Shearer — have won Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance during the show’s run. The network also notes that the two-season pickup will extend the show’s run to “an astounding 625 episodes … and counting.”

the simpsons

Jul 7, 2015
1:31 pm

Whoopi Goldberg Angers Viewers With Her Stance on Bill Cosby (Fox News)

Whoopi Goldberg created a backlash with comments she made on “The View” about Bill Cosby. Goldberg stood by Cosby even after court documents revealed that the comedian admitted giving quaaludes to women to try to have sex with them, as we reported separately.

Fox News reports that Goldberg said Cosby deserves to still be considered innocent until proof of his guilt surfaces.

“As more information comes out, people can make judgments,” Goldberg said. “I don’t like snap judgments.”

She appeared to anticipate a backlash, saying: “Save your texts; save your nasty comments. I don’t care. I say this because this is my opinion, and in America, still, I know it’s a shock, but you are still innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist.”

But the Twitterverse did not hold back. Here are a couple of the tweets:

“Whoopi needs to stop. She says you need proof before making a judgement about Cosby. COURT DOCUMENTS JUST CAME OUT SAYING HE DRUGGED GIRLS.”

“Whoopi is why #TheView is failing. The biggest Hot Topics are just swept under the rug. #BillCosby is a rapist! Friend of urs or not!”

Co-host Raven Symone, who was on “The Cosby Show” as a child actress, also exercised restraint on the subject of Cosby. She said: “I don’t really like to discuss [this] because he is the reason I am on this panel in the first place. He gave me my first job. You need proof and then I will be able to give my judgment here or there.”

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Jul 7, 2015
1:17 pm

Legendary Producer Dead at 77 (TMZ)

One of the most famous Hollywood producers — who found success on television, in film and in music — has died. TMZ.com reports that Jerry Weintraub died Monday in a Santa Barbara hospital. He was 77.

“Weintraub had been in Santa Barbara with family — and multiple sources tell us he died around 12:45 PM while at a hospital in the area. His reps are saying he suffered cardiac arrest,” TMZ reports.

Weintraub was behind blockbuster films including the “Ocean’s 11″ remakes and “Karate Kid” movies, and was a three-time Emmy winner, most recently for producing HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra.” He also had a hand in the music careers of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and others.

“One of the biggest feathers in his cap was luring Ole Blue Eyes out of retirement. Sinatra actually reached out to Jerry in 1968 … after seeing the success he had guiding Elvis’ career,” TMZ reports.

Weintraub had reportedly been working on a new “Tarzan” movie, due out in 2016.

Jul 7, 2015
1:09 pm

Why Paula Deen Is Being Accused of Racism Again (THR)

TV chef Paula Deen, who got herself in hot water on the issue of race a while back, appears to have stepped into it again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deen posted a photo of herself in character as Lucy on “I Love Lucy,” with her son Bobby apparently playing Ricky Ricardo. The problem is that Bobby’s face appears to be painted brown, presumably to make him appear Latino.

THR reports: “The caption accompanying the photo reads, ‘Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do!’ with the hashtag ‘#TransformationTuesday.’ People on Twitter were quick to respond with their complaints. ‘Oh god you did not,’ said one Twitter user. ‘Paula, *you* have a lot of esplainin’ to do,’ said another.”

Some Twitter users are calling the makeup “brownface,” prompting considerable discussion of the concept.

THR notes that Deen has been embroiled in a race controversy before. “Her longtime cook brought allegations of racial discrimination against Deen, claiming the chef asked black employees to ring dinner bells and dress up like Aunt Jemima,” the story reports. “Deen has admitted to using the N-word in the past, and famously gave an on-air tearful apology about it once she was dropped from Food Network in the fallout.”

paula deen-bobby deen-brownface

Jul 7, 2015
10:39 am

Actress Dead at 43 — Best Known for Starring Role in 1980s Romantic Comedy; Investigation Into Her Death Is Under Way (AP, TMZ)

A television and film actress who was nominated for a string of Young Artist Awards in the 1980s, winning the award in 1988, has died. The AP reports that Amanda Peterson, who played Patrick Dempsey’s love interest Cindy Mancini in the 1987 romantic comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love,” was found dead Sunday at her home in Greeley, Colo.

An investigation into the death of the actress, 43, was reportedly under way.

TMZ.com reports that Peterson “had been dealing with several medical issues over the past 2 years — including pneumonia, sinusitis and sleep apnea. Peterson’s father also says she had been living in a home with mold issues … but moved out about a year ago.”

She became a big star with her role in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” also starring during the 1980s in the TV shows “Boone” and “A Year in the Life,” the role that won her the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Drama Series. The win came with one of her five nominations for the awards.

After a role on the TV series “Jack’s Place” and a performance in the 1994 film “WindRunner,” Peterson left the entertainment business in 1994 and moved back to her home town of Greeley.

She was reportedly working in recent years on a career as a writer.

Here’s an interview with Peterson from 1987 with a clip from “Can’t Buy Me Love”:

Jul 7, 2015
10:27 am

Comedian George Lopez on Why Donald Trump Might Be Elected (TMZ)

Comedian George Lopez, known for his work on TV shows including “Lopez Tonight,” “Saint George” and his ABC sitcom “George Lopez,” has plenty to say about Donald Trump — including how Trump could be elected despite, or because of, his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.

During a street interview by TMZ.com, Lopez encouraged Latinos to boycott Trump. Referencing Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants, Lopez said, “Those comments are vile in any civilized society.”

But there is a positive side to the controversy, according to Lopez. “It has created a dialogue that I think America needs to have,” he said.

Lopez hinted that Trump might have a chance in the election, saying: “There’s enough racists in this country for him to get elected.”

Then he quipped: “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration — we’ll all go back.”

george lopez-abc

Jul 7, 2015
10:11 am

Judge Tells Why He Unsealed Cosby Court Documents. Surprisingly, It Isn’t Because Bill Cosby, as a Well-Known Comic, Is a Very Public Personality (NBC News, TVWeek)

A federal judge has revealed why he ordered sworn testimony by Bill Cosby in a 2005 deposition unsealed. As we previously reported, Cosby’s sworn testimony was released yesterday, after the Associated Press was successful in convincing a federal judge to unseal the documents.

According to NBC News, Cosby’s “lawyers had fought the documents’ release, saying it would be ‘terribly embarrassing.’ Last month, Cosby’s lawyers and lawyers for the AP argued over whether Cosby was a public figure entitled to a lesser degree of privacy.”

The story continues, saying that federal Judge Eduardo Robreno wrote on Monday, July 6, 2015, that the decision to release the sealed documents or not release them “is not about the Defendant’s status as a public person by virtue of the exercise of his trade as a televised or comedic personality. Rather, Defendant has donned the mantle of public moralist and mounted the proverbial electronic or print soap box to volunteer his views on, among other things, childrearing, family life, education, and crime.”

Thus, the story notes, “Cosby has made himself part of these public issues and therefore has ‘voluntarily narrowed the zone of privacy that he is entitled to claim,’ the judge wrote.”

The judge added, “The stark contrast between Bill Cosby, the public moralist, and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper (and perhaps criminal) conduct, is a matter as to which the AP — and by extension the public — has a significant interest.”

To read Judge Robreno’s full memo about why he unsealed the documents, please click here.



Jul 7, 2015
9:07 am

Ad Spending Dips — But One Segment Defies the Trend (Media Life)

Ad spending in one segment was the bright spot in an otherwise dark picture during the first quarter. Media Life magazine reports that Hispanic media defied the overall downtrend.

The report, based on data from Kantar Media, found that the media economy was off 4% in ad spending. But revenue was up for Hispanic media, rising 2.9% from a year ago to $1.7 billion, up from $1.64 billion. The figures include cable and broadcast TV, along with radio.

Kantar is not yet tracking Spanish-language digital, the report notes.

Large advertisers cut back on spending during the quarter, according to Jon Swallen, chief research officer for Kantar Media. But Swallen says the big marketers are becoming increasingly comfortable with Spanish-language advertising.

Said Swallen: “Marketing to Hispanics and multicultural marketing is a more established tool in marketers’ overall toolbox for larger advertisers. And Spanish-language media has benefited.”

Spending on network TV in Hispanic media was up 6.5% from a year earlier, to $1.15 billion.

kantar media-logo

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