Movie Known as a Notorious Box Office Bomb Might Become a TV Series

Nov 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

It’s known as one of Hollywood’s biggest box office bombs and isn’t an obvious choice to make into a television series, but Syfy is viewing it as an "underexploited piece of intellectual property," reports Jeff Bercovici at

That property is "Waterworld," the 1995 Kevin Costner film that reportedly cost $235 million, making it the most expensive movie ever at the time, the story notes. That record was later overtaken by "Titanic," a huge worldwide hit, while "Waterworld" only escaped losing money through home video sales.

Every time the network airs "Waterworld," it draws a healthy viewership, with 400,000 people tuning in for the most recent broadcast, the piece notes.

A series based on the movie is something that has been "talked about endlessly" and remains a possibility, according to Dave Howe, the president of Syfy.


  1. Actually, Waterworld was a very profitable film for Universal. It made a great deal of money overseas, and was the basis of a live attraction at Universal City Studios tours for many years.

  2. Waterworld is still one of my favorite movies. As I recall, critics lambasted this movie to no end before it was released and the general public listened and do not go to this movie. It only made $88 million in the US total and $264 million worldwide. In the end, this was just an action packed fun movie while I think the critics were expecting another Dances With Wolves.
    Apparently, a lot of people must agree based on video sales and SyFy viewership.
    I like The Postman as well for that matter, another huge Kevin Costner bomb which only made $17.4 million.
    Each to his own, I guess.

  3. The only problem is that SyFy, in general, has not been recently known for making the best products in recent years. They passed on Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome as a series which seemed like a likely success story. Over the past few years, SyFy has consistently moved away from the types of shows that made them well known and instead replaced Sci-Fi with reality shows and wrestling. I realize these shows may be cheaper to produce but your original core audience isn’t watching too much anymore. Also, those SyFy Saturday night movies are usually just lame. I used to watch the Stargates and Battlestar Galactica but now I am down to the few Warehouse 13’s and Haven (which isn’t great). Oh, well. I would certainly give a Waterworld TV series a look though.

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