Jul 28, 2016
4:21 pm

Actor Known for “Babylon 5” Dead at 60 (TMZ, TVWeek, YouTube)

An actor who was best known for his role on the 1990s sci-fi series “Babylon 5” has died. TMZ.com reports that Jerry Doyle died Wednesday.

“Sources tell us … a call was made to his Las Vegas home yesterday afternoon after he was found unresponsive,” TMZ reports. “It’s unclear how the political radio talk show host and actor died … but we’re told no foul play is suspected. An autopsy is pending.”

Doyle hosted the nationally syndicated “Jerry Doyle Show” on Talk Radio Network, expressing his right-libertarian political views. Before he went into acting, he was reportedly a jet pilot and a Wall Street stockbroker.

On “Babylon 5,” TMZ notes, “Jerry starred as security officer Michael Garibaldi from 1994 to 1998 and was married to co-star Andrea Thompson from 1995 to 1997.”

Here’s an interview clip with Doyle talking about “Babylon 5” …

Jul 28, 2016
3:44 pm

‘Divided States of America’ to Examine Polarized Nation (TVWeek)

A four-hour miniseries that will air over two nights, “Divided States of America,” will focus on the polarized nation that the next president will inherit. The “Frontline” production bows Jan. 17-18, 2017, on PBS, days before the 45th president will be sworn in.

The show offers “an in-depth view of the partisanship that gridlocked Washington and charged the 2016 presidential campaign, the rise of populist anger on both sides of the aisle and the racial tensions that have erupted throughout the country,” PBS says in its announcement.

“Drawing on extensive new interviews with White House and congressional insiders from both parties, as well as ‘Frontline’s’ vast body of reporting on the Obama era, ‘Divided States’ digs into the causes of America’s intense polarization and questions how the next president and Congress can govern in an era of complex challenges,” PBS announced. “This television event, led by veteran ‘Frontline’ filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team, tells a revealing story that’s not just about Barack Obama’s presidency, but about America itself.”

Said Kirk: “When America elected its first black president eight years ago, many thought we were entering a new and hopeful era. But now, from race to guns to the economy, we’re living in a deeply polarized moment — in American politics and American life. This film explores why we’ve reached this point, how Washington has reacted to the upheaval that is fast defining our times and what it means as we look to the tenure of the next president.”

pbs frontline-logo

Jul 28, 2016
3:31 pm

Fox Beats $10 Million Lawsuit Over ‘Empire’ (Deadline)

A $10 million lawsuit over Fox’s hit drama “Empire,” in which the network, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the show’s co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, and series star Terrence Howard were among those accused of copyright violation, has been tossed out.

Deadline reports that the copyright infringement suit filed by “self-described ‘gangsta pimp’” Ron Newt was thrown out in federal court.

District Judge Consuelo Marshall wrote in Wednesday’s decision: “Although the parties’ works each follow an African American man who was involved in drug dealing and has sons pursuing a music career, Plaintiff’s works and ‘Empire’ are not substantially similar as to plot. … Plaintiff has demonstrated, at most, random similarities between the works which does not constitute substantial similarity.”

Deadline adds: “Claiming that he gave Howard a copy of his memoir ‘Bigger Than Big,’ a DVD of a documentary about him and a registered screenplay called ‘All That Glitters’ in 2010, Newt said in the initial April 2015 complaint that the Fox blockbuster series … ripped-off his life and work — and he wanted to get paid.”

Newt reportedly made an amended filing in August dropping Murdoch from the complaint.

empire-fox-march 2016

Jul 28, 2016
3:01 pm

Three Longtime Cast Members Are Out as ‘Sesame Street’ Retools (LA Times, Twitter)

With children’s television staple “Sesame Street” retooling as it readies to make the transition to a shorter program running on HBO, three veteran cast members of the show are out.

The Los Angeles Times reports that original cast member Bob McGrath, 84, and longtime cast members Emilio Delgado, who plays Luis, and Roscoe Orman, who plays Gordon, have been let go by the show.

McGrath reportedly said during a panel appearance earlier this month: “They let all of the original cast members go, with the exception of Alan Muraoka — who is probably 20 years younger than the rest of us — and Chris Knowings, who is also young.”

“Sesame Street” issued a statement today on Twitter making it clear that HBO was not involved in the decision to make cast changes. You can read the statement below.

“All the departing actors have served as foundational characters in the show, in some cases since its inception,” The Times notes. “Orman, though the third actor to portray Gordon Robinson, played the role for more than 40 years after taking over the part in 1973, while Delgado joined the show as Luis.”

McGrath was with the show when it premiered in 1969, and has been a singer on some of its iconic songs, such as “The People in Your Neighborhood.”

sesame street-twitter statement“Sesame Street” statement released today on Twitter

Jul 28, 2016
2:44 pm

Restructuring at Time Inc.: The Title of ‘Publisher’ Is a Thing of the Past at the Company’s Publications (NY Post)

One casualty as Time Inc. restructures is the title of “publisher,” which has been eliminated at publications companywide. The New York Post reports that the move is part of the third round of restructuring in five days by Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp.

“The publishing boss also rearranged Time’s sales operations into seven major product categories,” the story reports, noting that some categories will be staffed by the former publishers.

“Other publishers were reassigned as broad-based ‘brand’ leaders with multiple titles now under their umbrellas,” the Post reports. “A few were assigned to digital and native advertising.”

The report adds: “The move is seen as a dramatic gamble that a legacy media company built on strong magazine brands — like People, Sports Illustrated, Time and InStyle — can capture lost ad dollars by selling broad multi-title packages to big advertisers, whether they be carmakers, tech firms, fashion houses, pharma outfits, big-box retailers or packaged-goods sellers.”

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Jul 28, 2016
12:57 pm

Stephen Colbert and CBS Step Into Legal Hassle Over Recent ‘Late Show’ Broadcast (AP, CBS)

CBS has received a complaint about “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” from lawyers representing Colbert’s old Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report.” The AP reports that the complaint came in response to Colbert’s revival of the character “Stephen Colbert,” a version of himself that he showcased for years on the old show.

Colbert announced on Wednesday’s “Late Show” that the lawyers indicated the character “Stephen Colbert” is their intellectual property. He quipped that the claim is “surprising, cuz I never considered that guy much of an intellectual.”

To booing from the audience, Colbert said it has been determined that the character must be retired.

“I feel the same way, but what can I do?” Colbert told audience members. “The lawyers have spoken. I cannot reasonably argue I own my face or name. And as much as I’d like to have that guy on again, I can’t.”

However, Colbert may have found a workaround.

“He then introduced ‘Stephen Colbert’s identical twin cousin,’ an interview with himself displaying the same cocked eyebrow expression his old character had,” the AP reports. “Then the real Colbert did one of the old show’s most popular recurring segments, retitling ‘The Word’ to ‘The Werd.'”

Reps for CBS and Comedy Central weren’t commenting, but the report notes that up until the CBS-Viacom split in 2005 the two networks were corporate cousins.

Here’s Colbert’s segment on the legal hassle from Wednesday’s show …

Jul 28, 2016
12:31 pm

Former Fox News Reporter Jailed on Rape Charges (WSLS, AOL)

A former Fox News correspondent was arrested this week on charges of rape and forcible sodomy, according to a report by WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Va. Orlando Salinas was being held without bond Wednesday on a direct indictment from a grand jury in Montgomery County.

The charges against Salinas stem from an incident Jan. 11 involving a woman other than his wife. Additional details were not provided, but Salinas had reportedly been under investigation for months.

Salinas reportedly worked at Fox News before leaving in 2012 to take a job with CBS affiliate WDBJ-TV in Roanoke. AOL News reports that he was “released by the station due to insubordination in April of 2015.”

“At the time of his release he claimed he and management had ‘a difference of opinion as far as what news should be.’ He’s since walked away from the news business and had been working as a real estate agent in Blacksburg,” the AOL report adds.

WSLS cites court documents indicating that Salinas has a prior criminal history of larceny.

A trial date for Salinas was set for Oct. 19.

Jul 28, 2016
12:09 pm

Cable Network to Rebrand in a Few Days — What This Means for Fans of ‘MTV Unplugged,’ the Buggles and ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ (TVWeek, MTV)

A new cable channel with one decade squarely lodged in its wheelhouse is set to debut Monday, when Viacom-owned VH1 Classic will relaunch as MTV Classic.

The new channel has a 1990s focus, with a programming lineup weighted heavily toward MTV favorites from the period along with the early 2000s. The new network promises a heavy rotation of period staples such as “Beavis and Butt-Head,” “Daria,” “Pimp My Ride,” “Punk’d,” “Jackass,” “Storytellers” and “MTV Unplugged.”

The relaunch is timed to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original launch of MTV, and will kick off with “MTV Hour One,” consisting of the first hour of programming to air on MTV back in 1981.

MTV Classic is also expected to feature something that has been pretty rare on MTV in recent years: music videos.

Music television historians, if that’s a thing, will recall that when MTV launched back in 1981, the first thing to air — after the familiar Apollo 11 moon landing montage and crunchy MTV theme riff — was the prophetic Buggles song “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Set your DVRs …

Here’s a little more about it …

Jul 28, 2016
12:01 pm

‘Live With Kelly’ Names Guest Co-Hosts for Week of Aug. 1 — Is the New Permanent Co-Host in the Lineup? (TVWeek)

Fans of ABC’s syndicated morning staple “Live with Kelly” continue to closely follow the weekly lineup of guest hosts to look for clues to who might be named as the show’s permanent replacement for Michael Strahan.

The lineup just released for next week includes two appearances by Anderson Cooper, whose name has been mentioned as a leading contender from the beginning — even though the CNN anchor has denied he’s up for the job.

Also guest hosting with Kelly Ripa two days next week is actor Josh Gad, and pop singer Nick Lachey caps off the week on Friday.

Here’s the lineup for Aug. 1-5:

Monday, August 1 — Journalist ANDERSON COOPER

Tuesday, August 2 — Journalist ANDERSON COOPER

Wednesday, August 3 — Actor JOSH GAD

Thursday, August 4 — Actor JOSH GAD

Friday, August 5 — Singer and TV Personality NICK LACHEY

“Live with Kelly” is distributed in national syndication by Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution. The show is produced by WABC-TV in New York and executive produced by Michael Gelman.

live kelly-new logo

Jul 28, 2016
11:57 am

Report: Clippers, Who Share Staples Arena With the Lakers, Want to Relocate to a New Venue in L.A. (ESPN)

ESPN is reporting that the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers want to move out of the Staples Center, where they currently share their home court with the L.A. Lakers along with the L.A. Kings of the NHL. The Clippers are reportedly tired of being the “third tenant” of the facility.

“Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has begun to explore potential sites for a new Clippers arena, multiple NBA sources said,” ESPN reports. “The Clippers would neither confirm nor deny they are actively searching for a location, but one NBA source said that an area that piques the franchise’s interest is Los Angeles’ west side.”

The report adds: “The Clippers have been co-tenants of Staples Center, owned and operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), with the Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings since the facility opened in downtown Los Angeles prior to the 1999-2000 NBA season. In January 2013, the Clippers agreed to a 10-year extension of their lease that would keep the team at Staples Center until June 2024. Sources say any move by the Clippers would come after they fulfill the term of the current lease.”

los angeles clippers l.a. clippers

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