Dec 8, 2016
3:31 pm

NBC Unveils Midseason Lineup (TVWeek)

NBC has found time slots for a batch of new shows, rolling out a midseason slate today that kicks off with the launch of the DC Comics-inspired “Powerless” on Thursday, Feb. 2, at 8:30 p.m.

Other premieres include “The Blacklist: Redemption,” bowing Thursday, Feb. 23, at 10 p.m.; and a new slate of Sunday shows debuting March 5, consisting of “Little Big Shots” at 8 p.m.. “Chicago Justice” at 9 p.m. and “Shades of Blue” at 10 p.m.

Also on tap, the comedy “Trial & Error” arrives Tuesday, March 7, at 9:30 p.m. and then will air each Tuesday at 9 and 9:30 p.m. The comedy “Great News” takes over the Tuesday block April 25 with airings at 9 and 9:30 p.m.

Please click here to see the full announcement from NBC, including descriptions of all the new programming.

Dec 8, 2016
2:44 pm

‘Live With Kelly’ Names Guest Hosts for Week of Dec. 19 (TVWeek)

The morning talk show “Live with Kelly” has announced the lineup of guest co-hosts who will be appearing alongside Kelly Ripa during the week of Dec. 19-23.

The show continues to carry on without a permanent co-host since the departure of Michael Strahan back in spring.

Here’s the lineup for the week of Dec. 19:

Monday, December 19 – Actor SCOTT WOLF

Tuesday, December 20 – Comedian JOHN MULANEY

Wednesday, December 21 – Actor CHRISTIAN SLATER

Thursday, December 22 – Actor CHRISTIAN SLATER

Friday, December 23 – Singer MICHAEL BUBLÉ

Dec 8, 2016
2:31 pm

Actor Judge Reinhold Arrested (Dallas Morning News)

Actor Judge Reinhold was arrested this afternoon, according to media reports. The actor, known for “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Beverly Hills Cop” and other high-profile film roles, was reportedly arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct at the Dallas Love Field airport.

“Reinhold, 59, was selected by Transportation Security Administration agents for a random pat-down around 2 p.m., according to an official at the city-owned airport, and he was not happy about it,” the Dallas Morning News reports. “He was told he could be taken to a private screening room, but refused — and then became belligerent, officials say. At that point, Dallas police were called in.”

Reinhold reportedly became antagonistic again after officers tried to calm him down, prompting the arrest.

“Dallas attorney Steve Stodghill, who’s representing the actor, said Reinhold successfully passed through the TSA scanner and was stopped only after his bag set off an alarm,” the paper reports. “Stodghill said that’s when TSA agents asked to pat down Reinhold, who didn’t understand why he needed to be searched after he’d gone through the scanner without incident.”

Dec 8, 2016
2:19 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio Meets With Trump (CNN)

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and President-elect Donald Trump held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss climate change, CNN reports.

Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said in a statement released following the meeting: “We presented the President-elect and his advisors with a framework … that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investments in sustainable infrastructure. Our conversation focused on how to create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation.”

CNN says the meeting “only added to the mixed messages coming out of Trump Tower, particularly on the issue of climate change.”

The CNN report notes that on the same day the meeting was held, “Trump tapped Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt — a climate change denier — to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt is an opponent of many of the Obama EPA’s environmental regulations, and sued the agency over its regulations of power plants in his capacity as attorney general.”

Trump also met this week with another high-profile environmental activist — former Vice President Al Gore, CNN notes.

Dec 8, 2016
1:50 pm

Astronaut John Glenn Dies at 95. His Flight as the First U.S. Astronaut to Orbit the Earth was a Huge TV Event (NY Times; American Television News; YouTube)

“John Glenn, a freckle-faced son of Ohio who was hailed as a national hero and a symbol of the space age as the first American to orbit Earth, then became a national political figure for 24 years in the Senate, died on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio,” reports The New York Times, adding “He was 95.”

In a sign of how technology has changed since that day in 1962 when Glenn orbited the Earth, “His death was announced on Twitter by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio,” the Times says.

“In just five hours on Feb. 20, 1962, Mr. Glenn joined a select roster of Americans whose feats have seized the country’s imagination and come to embody a moment in its history, figures like Lewis and Clark, the Wright brothers and Charles Lindbergh,” the Times notes.

Glenn’s accomplishment was a huge TV event. Eighty-one percent of U.S. TV homes watched at least some part of the coverage of Glenn’s flight, and the average time spent viewing the event was five hours and 15 minutes, according to Steve Barkin’s book “American Television News.”

Here’s newsreel footage of Glenn’s remarkable feat. It lasts 6 minutes and would have been seen  in movie theaters of the day. (We found it on YouTube):

Dec 8, 2016
12:47 pm

‘The View’ Host Announces Departure From the Show (TVWeek, ABC)

One of the regular co-hosts on the ABC morning talk show “The View” is leaving the show. Candace Cameron Bure made the announcement on today’s show, citing commitments to other projects including Hallmark Channel and “Fuller House.”

Bure has been a full-time co-host since July 2015 after serving previously as a guest host.

Her exit follows the announcement Oct. 27 by Raven-Symone that she would exit the show by the end of the year to work on a spinoff of Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven.”

Here’s today’s announcement …

Dec 8, 2016
12:31 pm

Megyn Kelly Gets Booed in Hollywood, Comments on Ailes, Trump (USA Today)

Megyn Kelly, host of the Fox News program “The Kelly File,” appeared Wednesday at the annual Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, where she was warmly received — until she brought up Donald Trump.

Kelly “had kind things to say about Michelle Obama (‘who set the example for us all in standing up for her convictions’) and Hillary Clinton (‘who broke a barrier no one has ever done in America’) and Melania Trump (‘who was slut-shamed … but she held her head high’),” USA Today reports. “Kelly also made reference to Roger Ailes, commending her female colleagues at Fox News who ‘at great risk to their livelihoods brought down a very powerful, serial sexual harasser.'”

But when the topic turned to Donald Trump, Kelly’s feel-good comments met with resistance.

“I have high hopes for him,” Kelly said. “Despite the tweets and all the rest of it there is much to admire about Donald Trump.”

A number of the Hollywood insiders in the audience booed Kelly’s Trump comments, prompting Kelly to single out comedian Kathy Griffin, who had raised her middle finger, according to the report.

Kelly eventually finished her point, saying of Trump: “There is much to admire about him, and I think the more we understand that and understand why he won this election, the better off we’ll be as a country and understand each other.”

Dec 8, 2016
12:19 pm

He’s Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actor — for the Second Year in a Row (Forbes)

Forbes just released its list of the most overpaid actors and actresses in Hollywood, and for the second consecutive year, Johnny Depp tops the list. Second on this year’s list is Will Smith.

The publication examines the last three films in which an actor or actress was featured prior to June 2016, calculating the star’s estimated pay vs. the film’s profit to come up with a “return on investment” figure. Depp, who appeared in the box-office bomb “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” came up with a box office return of $2.80 for every $1 paid.

At No. 2, Smith returned $5 for every $1 paid. Third on the list is Channing Tatum ($6 for every $1), followed by Will Ferrell at No. 4 ($6.50 for every $1) and George Clooney at No. 5 ($6.70 for every $1).

The list, which skews toward actors who have had past box-office success that enables them to command a hefty salary despite any recent flops, is dominated by males. But sneaking into the top 10 was Julia Roberts at No. 9, with a return of $10.80 for every $1 paid.

Dec 8, 2016
12:07 pm

Gayle King Inks Deal to Remain as Co-Host of ‘CBS This Morning’ for Another Three Years — See How Much She Will Be Paid (NY Post)

Gayle King will remain in one of the anchor chairs alongside Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell on “CBS This Morning” for at least three more years after signing a new $16.5 million deal, The New York Post’s Page Six reports.

The deal will pay King $5.5 million per year.

The report quotes a source saying: “Gayle is a huge asset to the show, and her chemistry with Charlie is great. She’s here for the long term.”

CBS would not talk about the terms of the deal, but a rep confirmed that the network has a “long-term deal” with King.

The Post adds: “’CBS This Morning’ is the only morning news broadcast to show a growth in viewers, up from last year to 3.77 million viewers total, while ABC declined and NBC remained flat, according to recent Nielsen figures.”

“CBS This Morning”

Dec 8, 2016
11:37 am

Facebook Live Names Its Most Watched Video of the Year — Maybe You’ve Seen It (Recode, YouTube, Facebook)

The most popular video of 2016 on Facebook Live — by a wide margin — was a clip that has come to be known as “Chewbacca Mom,” Recode reports.

“The viral video of Candace Payne, a previously unknown mother of two, donning a Chewbacca mask she bought at Kohl’s and laughing hysterically while wearing it in her car, was the most-watched Facebook Live video of 2016,” the story reports. “It has 162 million views as of Thursday.”

The clip reportedly almost doubled the view count for the next closest contender, which was a clip of musician Ted Yoder playing a hammered dulcimer.

In case you missed it …

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