ABC News Shuffles Lineup, Brings Aboard New Anchor

Mar 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

ABC News has made a number of personnel moves, including hiring a new anchor for “World News Now” and “America This Morning.” The network announced today that it has hired Diane Macedo for the position.

Macedo, who has been working at New York station WCBS-TV, will be based in New York and will be both correspondent and anchor for the ABC programs.

As part of the realignment, Reena Ninan will return to dayside reporting.

ABC News President James Goldston made the announcement in a memo to the news division.

“Diane joins our brilliant number one overnight team,” Goldston said in his memo. “They are often the unsung heroes of this news division, on the front lines of our coverage when news breaks and continually driving the conversation into each day.”

diane macedo-abc newsDiane Macedo


  1. WNN finally found the right female anchor with Diane Macedo.

  2. ABC made the wrong move removing Reena Ninan.
    I’ve watched ABC’s overnight news for so many years that I’ve lost count. I never sleep before 5:30am. Believe me; in the “wee” hours, want current hard news delivered by
    solid journalist with personality. Both Kendis and Diane are “VERY BORING”. They operate at snail paste– I’ve paint dry that was more exciting.
    Should have kept Reena and found a co-anchor who would equal Reena’s knowledge, professionalism, experience and ability. (Note: Not T.J. Holmes– TOO SILLY…He & Michael Strahan should be removed from GMA…take Lara with them). Wonder why GMA can’t surpass Today in the ratings??? Just gave you 3 names/3 reasons.

  3. I am now moving to CBS to watch Rena Ninan early morning and hear some real news instead of entertainment with the boring anchors on ABC.

  4. New anchors are terrible I like TJ and Reena! They are genuine! These two new replacements are not. Phony laughing smiling more teeth then news. Seems any word or subjust they start phony excitement laughing. Who ever made these anchor changes underestimated the early morning audience. Meaning he they are in bed snoring when TJ and Reena were on.
    This or these persons should have been replaced and not missed!
    Yeah I’ll be watching CBS now to! Leave ABC News Now for the young.
    Oh wait! Not even for them their asleep!

  5. `ow ABC has changed anchors again with their America This Morning. Why?

  6. Where did Kendis and Diane go? I loved them.

  7. Diane Macedo is BORING! DUMP HER ABC!

  8. I love pretty much everything news wise abc has love GMA better then the snooze rude am talk shows. Houston showing love to Strahan! All other am shows boring and even rude loud to each other and all around. But the early news WNN needs some upgrades. Candace is rude and thinks he’s all that and he’s not dat! I felt tension with Tj and Reena. Please replace both with fun and happy people. The line up has changed so many times because no one meshes or wants to be up so early. But please just add fun and not smartalick* people.

    • I love pretty much everything news wise abc has love GMA better then the snooze rude am talk shows. Houston showing love to Strahan! All other am shows boring and even rude loud to each other and all around. But the early news WNN needs some upgrades. Kendis is rude and thinks he’s all that and he’s not dat! I felt tension with Tj and Reena. Glad their gone. Please replace both with fun and happy people. The line up has changed so many times because no one meshes or wants to be up so early. But please just add fun and not smartalick* people. Reena s h e tried but I still couldn’t stand her!! Glad she is gone.

  9. One of your “best” anchors “was” Lara Spencer. What happened to her. Since she left, my family has stopped watching ABC.

    • She’s on Good Morning America. She’s been on there for several years now.

  10. I am really impressed with the new ABC News Now team. Diane Macedo was an excellent choice.

  11. Love love love Diana and Kendis! !!!!
    They are awesome together, fun when they can be and serious when they should be. It’s the middle of the night, we *overnights* are fortunate to have real, ,relatable anchors. Kendis was off for a few days recently and the stand-ins were terrible, she seemed uncomfortable and not her usual fun self. So glad to have him back, they are just fun together!

  12. Not impressed at all with World News Now or the anchors Kendis and Diane. Watching after the final debate and ABC is still showing its hand in its support for the left and Hillary Clinton. I don’t remember how many times I heard them mention about how horrible it was to use the derogatory term “hombre”. Really?? Does anyone at ABC know any Spanish?? The definition of Hombre in English is simply “man”…that’s it, plain and simple. So in a discussion about the issues involved with illegal aliens, Donald Trump says that there are some “bad men” out there… Lauren Lyster calls that a “derogatory term”, Kendis Gibson quotes Cecelia Vega as saying that Trump’s reference was the equivalent of calling an African American “boy”… Really people??? Maybe there is something to the accusations of biased media in this country… Or is it just the fact that everyone is so hell bent on putting their own spin on something and trying to lead the narrative in a certain direction that there are NO true “journalists” out there anymore. You have to look far and wide to find someone that is willing to just “report the news”. Maybe the dumbing down of Americans over the past 50 years has brought us to the point where these so-called journalists (and really its their bosses running the show) feel that the typical American cannot decipher the news for themselves, but have to be led in their thinking. Its either that or there is truly a bias in the media and an agenda as to the leanings of said media.

  13. I enjoy watching the news in the morning. The distraction is the idiot Jack in the back round. I have to switch off the channel and at times do not come back. I wish you could put him in a different location. I have friends that agree with me so letting you know.

  14. Where is Diane??? I think I saw her on GMA, eating? Kendis has the worst comments. His remarks are juvenile and in such poor taste. Diane at least is interesting and appropriate. I’ve watched WNN since the first show. I’ve never said much. Glad TJ is gone. I couldn’t stand to hear him complain about how tired he was. But he was good when he was up to the task. Reena was great! Kendis needs to grow up. The subs for Diane are excellent also.

  15. I can’t take it anymore. I just cannot watch these two and hear them one more time. The embellished small talk and effort to laugh unnaturally has now sent me to the moon. I will be the next story to air on ABC Nightly News and beyond – “Indiana woman sends herself into orbit and will miss Christmas with her family. She will be missed but it is reported that she left presents for her 3 beloved girls.”
    I simply cannot tell you how many times I have dreamed of writing this comment.
    Perhaps they could fill another role somewhere, but this isn’t their gig.
    Please, someone. Make it stop.

  16. Vlad on CBS is soooo creepy!!!

  17. i love this show! This show should be on longer . Start them at 2:30am. Happy Birthday, 25 years. With the new President elect- Good luck. Maybe you can show where we can buy a Pussy Cat hat or make a donation to the cause? Will you be joining the March?

  18. Are they Drunk? Couldn’t sleep last night (3:30 -EST) and turned TV on. Since I am an avid ABC watcher my TV was set on ABC and World News Now was on. What a disappointment. Anchors Diane and Ryan were so immature, silly and trying to appear “cool” that I thought they may be drunk!! They were constantly trying to “one up each other”, at times tried to come up with examples concerning the topics being discussed and couldn’t, talked about ” deflowering” and overall were a poor representation of ABC news programs. I am so glad that I usually watch GMA, Action News and World News Tonight with David Muir- programs that have genuine , responsible and mature anchors reporting the news while still being entertaining and informative. Next time I can’t sleep- I’m changing the channel!

  19. So sick of seeing Kendis with his fake self. He is just not funny, amusing, or even cute. He looks like Skeletor. Please get a new man to co-anchor. One day when he was telling his guest to wrap it up by twirling his finger really put me off. He thinks he is clever but quite the opposite just seems so contrived in all that he does not sincere at all.

  20. Diane and Kendis are totally out of their league. They are NOT news anchors. They obviously feel they are there to entertain us with mundane side comments and continual antics. Neither one could successfully carry on a serious news interview with a respectable guest. When their show comes back on after a commercial break and they are wildly dancing in their seats, it is the height of irresponsible and contrived entertainment/journalism. I also agree with the writer re. the guy in the background. He is a totally obnoxious annoyance. Get rid of all three of these incompetent wanna be newscasters. The only truly professional and competent female journalist you ever had on was Reena Ninan. You have NEVER had a competent male newscaster on the overnight news.
    Kendis might think he is, but he is completely mistaken. Any comment he makes that is not straight from a written script reveals how truly incompetent he is.
    Please revamp your news program now. I can no longer stomach their immaturity and incompetence.
    CBS warrants a look at how good journalism can really be.

  21. I like Kendis.

  22. I guess I am getting older & wiser & am finding myself turning on my tele straight to 6abc news @ usually 2:30am & I must say that watching “responsible & straight-laced” news anchors ALL DAY LONG is/can be quite boring! I enjoy Diane/Kendis on WNN very much! I’m a 38 year old woman & I don’t want to watch the same news delivered the same way all day long. It gets mundane and a bit “been there & heard/seen that!” I can appreciate some good laughs & dance moves to “work, work, work, work, work” while transitioning into “appropriate” delivery of the world news now! Diane is my fav and her smile is an instant ice breaker!!! Love WNN & the #WNNPOLKA!!!! Do ur thang Diane

  23. I didn’t realize people watched the news as entertainment; it’s only a news program!

  24. I’ve been watching WNN for ever! Sometimes, I think WoW, too much caffeine …:-). but the truth be told, I love it. I get up at 3:00 a.m., and this show is both informative and refreshing. I love Diane and Kendis has grown on me. ( I can’t for the likes of me understand why he removes his tie mid way) Tj needs to buy some suits.

  25. OMG. Cannot stand the antics of these two any longer.
    It is ABC News Now. I do NOT want to watch you dance in your seats, sing along, and see which one can be more obnoxious and less professional. You are truly incompetent.
    I’ll be tuning in to CBS for real news coverage.
    Yes! Bring back Reena.

  26. Lillian sums up my feelings exactly!

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