Apr 29, 2009

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Previously on 'Lost'

I can still remember the first moment I heard about “Lost.”

It was 2004 and my then-Variety colleague Mike Schneider and I were having lunch with Lloyd Braun, who then ran most of the ABC empire. We were in the Disney executive dining room. Jennifer Garner, then smoldering on-screen in “Alias,” had come by to pay her respects. (This is the real reason I remember that day.)

Anyway, Braun suddenly leans in, as if he’s about to reveal the secret location of Walt Disney’s frozen corpse. “Boys,” he said, “I’ve got the best idea for a show. Ever. It’s ‘Survivor’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies.’ And J.J. [Abrams] is writing it.”

Tonight, Braun’s brainchild marks its milestone 100th episode. A lot of people are responsible for the success of “Lost” beyond Braun, including current ABC overlord Steve McPherson.

But ultimately, “Lost” is about the genius of two men.


It’s the vision of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse that has allowed “Lost” to be more than a one-season miniseries about people trapped on an island. And it’s their careful oversight and passion that have made this show one of the greatest series in TV history.

Not surprisingly, plenty of folks have decided to weigh in with “Lost” anniversary memories this week. A sampling:

—The AP’s Lynn Elber has an interview with Darlton that finds the dynamic duo in a reflective mood.

—Mo Ryan rounds up some clips from tonight’s episode.

—My invite to the big 100th episode bash in Hawaii apparently got lost. Live vicariously through these pictures.

—Zap2It’s Ryan McGee has 100 things to love about “Lost.”

—“Lost” writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (the funny ones) detail how an episode is put together for Variety.

—Entertainment Weekly’s Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross debate the show’s best episodes … and it’s on video.

—You can’t have a “Lost” party without inviting EW’s scary spooky expert, Jeff Jensen. He previews tonight’s episode.

—If “Lost” and “Star Trek” collided, it would look like this.

—And if you’re in a bitter mood, check out this 2007 interview with The Dude Whose Name Appears in the “Lost” Credits But Who Has Nothing to Do With the Show. He’s also known as Jeffrey Lieber.

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