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May 27, 2009

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When Jimmy Met Sally

ABC continues to roll out its new "ABC House" marketing campaign.

The promotional effort began earlier this month with a series of spots which aired in the finales of the network's big shows. Tonight, ABC used the season premiere of "Wipeout" to introduce a new spot in which "Brothers and Sisters" star Sally Field attempts to read a bedtime story to Jimmy Kimmel.

Take a look:

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May 19, 2009

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TV MoJoe's Tribute to the Fallen

ABC made it official today, confirming that "According to Jim" is really, finally, no-we-mean-it dead. The finale airs June 2.

"Jim" is far from the only casualty of the season. "Samantha Who" is over, while The CW this week will officially kill "Everybody Hates Chris" (barring a May miracle). The fates of "My Name Is Earl" and "The Unit" are also up in the air.

Let's pause for a minute to remember the Legends We Lost. Beyonce, care to do the honors?

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May 14, 2009

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Hello, 'Cleveland'

The wait is almost over for "The Cleveland Show."

Long lead times are standard for most primetime animation shows. But really, doesn't it seem like it's been about five years since Fox announced it was doing a spinoff of "Family Guy"?

Actually, the Hollywood Reporter first broke the news about "Cleveland" back in February 2008. Last fall, TVWeek reported that the show was being pushed from its planned spring debut to a fall 2009 launch, and that the network had ordered a full season. And earlier this month came word that Fox had ordered 13 more episodes.

Despite all this coverage, however, viewers have yet to see a single episode of "Cleveland." That should change this fall, however.

To tide you over, Fox has released a new trailer for "The Cleveland Show." This one features Cleveland saying goodbye to the Griffins.

Two words: Chocolate people.

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May 9, 2009

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Timberlake & Samberg: How They Met Your 'Mother'

"Saturday Night Live" is just starting here on the West Coast, but advance word from the Twitterati is that Justin Timberlake once again elevated the entire show. And just in time for Mother's Day, the comedy duo of Timberlake and Andy Samberg are back with a sequel to "D--- in a Box." It's called "Mother Lover," and it's just as inappropriate as the title implies.

Check it out below:

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May 6, 2009

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Singing James, James, James…

Before there was Felicity or Angela, there was James.

James at 15

No, not that James. Or this one. This one here.

I was too young to watch "James at 15" when it first aired on NBC back in 1977, but I somehow managed to catch the show in repeats on cable years later. I was immediately hooked.

The series starred Lance Kerwin as a sensitive young man coming of age in the "Swingtown" era. Creator Dan Wakefield was almost Norman Lear-like in his determination to tackle tough issues, including teen sex. More importantly, the show wasn't afraid to be honest about growing up: Instead of the shiny happy facade of "Happy Days," this show presented adolescence as the hell it so often is.

"James" lasted just one season (though it changed its name to "James at 16" midway through its run). Like most dramas about teens, including "My So-Called Life" and "Life As We Know It," the series had a tough time finding an audience (something Fox executives have to be quietly nervous about as they prepare to launch the pretty amazing "Glee").

Since "James" isn't currently available on DVD, here's a look at the show's opening credits:

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Apr 18, 2009

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When Gary Coleman Ruled the World

I am a complete and total junkie for old network promos from the 1970s and 80s. I can literally spend hours on YouTube trolling for clips from network image campaigns, from ABC's "Still the One" (It's Fonzie in a hot air balloon!) to CBS's "We've Got the Touch" (Bruce Boxleitner in a helicopter!)

But, with all due respect to the market mavens elsewhere, during the 1980s, nobody did image campaigns better than NBC: Be there. Let's All Be There. Come Home. Just Watch Us Now. If you don't know the jingles associated with these slogans by heart, you didn't watch TV in the 1980s.

The great thing about having a blog, at least as I see it, is that I can now force my love of these promos onto unsuspecting readers like yourself. You've been warned.

First up: A mid-1980s classic from NBC.

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