May 10, 2009


We Report, You Decide: Fox News Anchor Attacks Perez Hilton as 'An Awful Human Being'

Fox News anchors Gregg Jarrett and Julie Banderas are apparently not bigs fan of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Perez Hilton

During Sunday evening's "Fox News Live," Jarrett blasted Hilton as "despicable" and an awful human being. The reason: Jarrett didn't like Hilton's decision to ask Miss California Carrie Prejean her opinion on gay marriage during last month's Miss USA pageant.

"I feel sorry for all the heat that she got from Perez Hilton. What an awful human being," Jarrett said while bantering with co-anchor Julie Banderas about news that Prejean might be stripped of her title.

Prejean's work for an anti-gay-marriage group is being investigated by the Miss California organization, as are semi-nude pictures of Prejean that surfaced this week.

Banderas quickly seconded Jarrett's dig at Hilton.

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Apr 16, 2009


United States of Tara

Showtime: Epic Development FAIL

The news last week that Showtime has decided not to greenlight any of its four pilots to series has left plenty of folks around Hollywood wondering just what’s going on at the premium cable network that’s Not HBO, But Not TV.

First thought: Showtime’s decision not to move forward demonstrates why its business model works so well.

After all, unlike broadcasters (and half the basic cable networks these days), Showtime doesn’t have some quota to fill. There’s no rule that says it has to add a new series every four to six months. There won’t be giant gaps in its schedule because these four projects turned out not to be up to snuff.

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