‘America’s Got Talent’ Crowns a Winner

Sep 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Singing "chicken catcher," farmer and Mayfield, Ky., native Kevin Skinner was crowned the new champion of "America’s Got Talent" on the NBC broadcast last night, MTV.com reports.

The 35-year-old singer won $1 million — and the headliner’s spot in the "America’s Got Talent" variety show in Las Vegas — by singing his version of Aerosmith’s "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" on Monday’s final performance show, topping opera singer Barbara Padilla.

Skinner almost was upstaged by worldwide sensation Susan Boyle, who sang a strong cover of the Rolling Stones’ "Wild Horses." The ballad is expected to be the first single from her debut album, "I Dreamed a Dream," due out in November.

— Allison J. Waldman


  1. He’s the real deal. I hope he doesn’t get too packaged and processed. He was at his best with just his voice and his acoustic guitar.

  2. I think Kevin Skinner is a nice heartwarming story, but he had no business winning this competition. Barbara Padilla is an amazing talent. The Fab Five, Recycled Percussion and Acrodunk all have the charisma and showmanship to carry a Las Vegas show. At over $100 per ticket, they are going to have to have a STRONG supporting lineup to sell tickets.

  3. I think that Kevin Skinner was the right choice on the show. He is very sincere and deserved to win. Yes, Barbara Padilla has a beautiful voice and she is a beautiful woman so she will have no problem getting parts in Opera’s where she really belongs. She will be known world wide so allow Kevin his spot in Vegas. I will try to go see him and we don’t live in Nevada.

  4. I think Kevin is a Nashville Style singer, but a great voice. I’m sure we will see a lot of him in the next few years. I believe the top 10 will all do well in the entertainment business. I thought Podia would win. I hope Kevin will get himself a very honest agent. He needs a lot of help by somebody that won’t cheat him.

  5. You ain’t from round here are you? TALENT won the show and it was KEVIN. Opera was last year give us farmers a break. Well america gave us a big break.

  6. Yes, both my husband John & I are in agreement with you blue eyes!
    John hails originally from PA, small town of Bradford. He & three of his brothers had a ‘country-western band for quite a few years back there. The first time he watched Kevin perform he nearly cried out of pride for Kevin and said Kevin would definitely be his vote all the way until the finale! Yes, Praise God America gave Kevin a chance. Barbara, as the Huff stated “Has the world for her stage already.” We’ll be traveling to Vegas to watch his show even though out of State. May God protect Kevin & his family.

  7. What’s the purpose of calling the show America’s Got Talent if the contestants are judged on how heartwarming their story is instead of on their talent? NBC should rename the show America’s Got Heart. I wish the producers would have let the judges pick the final winner!!!

  8. I have to agree with you, SD gal. I watched every episode of the show this season for the first time, and I was sure that Barbara Padilla would win. But then again, Susan Boyle didn’t win in Britain, either, and look at the star she is becoming. I’m just sorry that Barbara and her family won’t get to enjoy the spotlight – and the cash – that they deserve.
    Kevin Skinner is a “nice guy” with a very average talent, but he was compared to some others (Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, for example) who are huge stars in spite of their not-so-lovely voices.

  9. As another SD gal, I think the winner was Kevin Skinner and apparently so did others in America, we all had a chance to vote!

  10. Yes, it’s really not “America’s Got Talent.” Nor, apparently, is it even “America’s Got Vegas.”
    I predict that, for Kevin Skinner, the Vegas “headline act” that AGT promised the winner will end up being more of a supporting performance, with lots of bells & whistles, plus named stars to fill out the lineup to justify pricey Vegas tickets.
    No, Monday night’s voting was all about what college financial aid offices call a “need-based scholarship,” not a “merit-based scholarship.” On pure talent alone, Barbara Padilla should have won.
    But, frankly, Padilla’s not a Vegas act, either. More like Carnegie Hall, I would say. Or the Kennedy Center.

  11. I agree wholeheartedly with you South Dakota gal. Kevin has a sweet ol’ story, but Barbara was the better talent. It was like watching a sham. I may not watch again.

  12. Sorry. Not the most talented of the contestants, by far. Vegas? Branson, maybe.
    This is what you get when you let Americans vote. You get the Obama of entertainers: likeable but ineffective.

  13. Too bad you don’t realize that Barbara
    has formal training with a masters
    degree in music. This is not what the
    show is about. The rest are raw talent.
    America voted–get over yourself

  14. Simply a joke. Apparently America forgot this was a talent show. And though he’s a nice story, he is totally without talent. Ever hear of pitch, key or tone? The only venue for Skinner to perform is the Humane Society…his singing could very literally put animals to death.

  15. you are so right. he will be in my prays always.

  16. Who peed in your Wheaties? You sound like it’s your job to pay him or something. Get over yourself. America voted, you idiot.

  17. Kevin Skinner is a likeable guy, he does need some polish, but I am proud of him, my choice would have been the Texas Tenors, but they should go far, I will be buying their CD, I loved their voices. Good luck Kevin, hope you do well in your new adventure.

  18. I am from Iowa and I wish Kevin all the luck in the world – and don’t change too much! Barbara Padilla has an amazing voice but Las Vegas is not for her, I agree she belongs at the Kennedy Center in DC. Good luck to her too! I really enjoy Susan Boyle and look forward to buying her first album in November, now she too is a class act!


  20. I agree with you South Dakota gal. If you have a heartwarming story to tell you will go far on the show. Did you see the song with all 10 finalists? Kevin Skinner was terrible.

  21. I agree… he was terrible…. he’s going to be a joke in Vegas…. it’s really too bad.

  22. Horrible singer and NOT a show man…. I am embarrazed already….. Vegas is too big for this guy.

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