OMG: Texting During Sex? Relying on Facebook and Twitter as Your Only Source of News? It’s the Power of Social Media

May 6, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 A new study shows the power of social media, even under the most surprising of circumstances, Advertising Age reports.

According to the report, "Would you answer a text during sex? If you’re younger than 25, one in 10 of you would." If you’re over 25, that number drops to 6%.

It brings a whole new connotation to the term sexting.

Furthermore, 24% of those surveyed who are under 25 will answer a text while they are "on the john." For the older than 25 year-old crowd, it’s 12%.

Also, 16% of those 25 and younger "rely on Facebook or Twitter as the sole delivery for their ‘morning news.’ "

Notes the article: "Social media is embedded in our lives. It’s why people go to a restaurant and check Foursquare before they sit down with their friends, then take a picture of their food before they eat and upload it to Facebook," said Manish Rathi, co-founder and VP-marketing at Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping and review site." The survey was done by Retrevo.

To read the entire article, click here.


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