DirecTV and Dish Net in HD War

Jun 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

DirecTV is countering Dish Net’s "Free HD for Life" promo with one of its own, reports Multichannel News.

Says the report: "DirecTV will counter Dish Network’s ‘free HD for life’ deal with a six-week promotion offering new DirecTV customers HD channels — normally an additional $10 per month — for no extra charge for as long as they maintain their account. Dish Network Thursday launched a national TV ad campaign for its ‘HD free for life’ offer, which requires a 24-month contract and continuous enrollment in Dish’s AutoPay with paperless billing program."

In the war of words between DirecTV and Dish, a DirecTV spokesman told Multichannel that while DIrecTV only charges $5 a month for its set-top cox, Dish charges $7 to $17.

The two nets also sparred over how many HD channels each one actually had.


  1. Hey! How about some kind of deal for us existing customers?

  2. I agree. Loyal customers always take it up the …! Hey, never been w/ us, no problems, we’ll give you all kinds of deals. Oh, and you guys that pay your bills every month, for years…..ehhh, just bugger off!

  3. That promotion actually happens to be available to existing Dish Network customers. So every once in a while existing customers actually are not be disadvantaged. Way to go Dish Network!

  4. Great post, thanks. Would you expand on the second paragraph in a little more detail please?

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