Time Warner Cable Gearing Up for Retrans Fight With ABC, ESPN and Other Disney Owned Nets

Jul 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Time Warner Cable is gearing up for what "could be a bruising publicity battle over retrans and carriage fees with Walt Disney Co. this summer," reports Multichannel News’ Todd Spangler.

In preparation for the confrontaton, TWC has re-launched its "Roll Over or Get Tough" website that it uses to communicate with consumers during such battles, the article says.

TWC has also struck back at Verizon Communications, which has recently taken newspaper ads telling TWC consumers to switch to its FiOS video service to make sure they are not frozen out on any Disney owned nets moving forward.

In its own ads TWC said, according to the article, " ‘Verizon is using scare tactics to trick Time Warner Cable customers into switching to FiOS,’ read the ads, in Wednesday editions of The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. A Verizon spokeswoman said the telco is ‘letting customers know they have an alternative,’ according to the Wall Street Journal."

The article adds, "The relaunched version of RollOverOrGetTough.com includes TWC’s position on retrans issues and carriage deals, as well as a page for visitors to submit comments. The cable operator claims that 40% of cable TV bills go to programmers, while 54% is used ‘to operate our business’ and the remaining 6% amounts to net income." 


  1. I have no sympathy until the cable companies let me pick what channels I want to pay for. There are 100 channels I pay for, but I only watch 15. Why do I have to subsidise those people that watch Nat Geo and Discovery Lifetime when I don’t watch those networks.

  2. because cable cos are forced to buy channels in packages… for example, for a cable/sat co to have USA Network, they are forced to carry other NBC/Universal/GE owned networks like MSNBC, CNBC, Oxygen, SyFy, and Shop NBC… And until its where the PROVIDERS can choose which networks they’d rather make available, consumers will never have a choice of smaller packages or ala carte services.

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