Another Reason to Stay Home to Watch TV: Bed Bugs Are Coming to a Movie Theater Near You (‘Inspect the popcorn for anything that moves’)

Aug 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Here’s another good reason to stay at home and watch television: bed bugs are coming to a movie theater near you — at least if you live in Manhattan, reports Nikki Finke at Deadline.com.

In the latest manifestaion of the bed bug infestation that’s overtaken New York City, audience members have reported bites at Times Square’s AMC Empire 25 and in Harlem’s AMC Magic Johnson 9, according to news reports, Finke writes.

Suggestions for moviegoers, says the article, include wearing washable clothes, which should be isolated as soon as you return home; leaving your bags and purses at home; and our favorite, "Inspect the popcorn for anything that moves." 


  1. The AMC on 42nd st. is one of my favorite houses – and the Regal is accross the street and many a weekend I’d run from one to the other to see films back to back. I was at the AMC the afternoon before the news report about the bed bugs broke. I have never had a problem there (other than paying $6 for a small popcorn!) but I am glad they fumagated anyway.
    It is a huge tourist spot so it is safe to assume that many patrons are visitors staying in hotels so honestly who knows where the source of the bites lies. i’m local and as I said I have never had a problem and go regularly and have sat in a variety of their theaters.
    I’ll continue to go there but will keep a look out for trouble. Hey, it’s a big city.

  2. The difference between the AMC and the Regal is like night and day. I go to both often and the Regal is spotless. The AMC often has popcorn buckets and soda cups laying in the aisles and hallways. I was not shocked to learn that they had these other issues.

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