Lindsay Lohan, E-Trade Settle Super Bowl Commercial Lawsuit over ‘Milkaholic’ Joke

Sep 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 Lindsay Lohan and E-Trade settled a $100 million lawsuit filed by Lohan over a Super Bowl commercial which she claimed made her the implied target of jokes about a "milkaholic" baby named Lindsay, reports PopEater.com

E-Trade said the case’s settlement was a "simple business decision" but declined to disclose details, the story says. Lohan’s attorney didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment, the article adds.

Lohan’s lawyer had claimed in court papers filed last month that the ad deliberately implied Lohan. ""These babies in their commercials were symbolic and were not acting just as cute babies but were actually portraying (Lohan) and her grown-up friends," her attorney wrote, according to the story. E-Trade had called the claims meritless.

Lohan, 24, spent two weeks in jail this year for violating probation in a 2007 case involving drug use and driving under the influence, the article adds.


  1. I have two daughters that have spent 3 years in jail in solitary confinement for the same charges that lohan is facing, i did not have the 300k to bail them out nor was the bail money ever brought up
    this is not justice lock up the repeat offenders

  2. solitary confinement for probation violations? Neat. yer a dumb dumb

  3. REVOKE the trust and have an ATTORNEY draw up a NEW trust that does what you actually want the trust to do. If the existing trust does not already allow whatever it is, you CAN’T just add ANY language to allow it.

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