Was Jon Stewart Mercilessly Taunting Rick Sanchez for Months, or Just Doing What Jon Stewart Always Does

Oct 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It’s a good question, and one discussed by Open Mic blogger Hillary Atkin in her challenging and stimulating blog entry about Stewart and Sanchez. Click here to read it.


  1. Who made Jon Stewart GOD anyway. What a waste of televison. Refuse to watch him.

  2. all humor comes from Stewarts writers. he bombs on his own as proof on orielly factor last week.

  3. If it wasn’t for Stewart and his staff of writers, most of the crap that politicians and the “regular” media try to pass off as gospel or try to overlook completely get exposure for the blatant hypocrisy that it is.
    He doesn’t play god, he has repeated exposed Sanchez and O’Reilly and many other “serious” media anchors for the self absorbed wind bags that they actually are. If you cannot see that people like O’Reilly Sanchez and Beck are nothing more than rodeo clowns being paid to distract you from reality, then my guess is you are tea baggers or still support Dick & W.

  4. wow Tim… What a boring read. Lead. Don’t follow.

  5. Hey Tim, you nailed it. Don’t let these FOX worshiping, right-wing Gas Bags get you down. Stewart simply reminds these folks that videotape exists and you can’t spew bullsh*t and think it won’t come back to bite you in the a**!!!

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