Wow: There’s Actually a Major Media Personality Out There Whose Program Charlie Sheen Refuses to Go On

Mar 2, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After Charlie Sheen’s multiple media interviews in the past week, it might seem as if he wouldn’t pass up any chance to be in the spotlight, but Sheen drew the line at an interview with one major media personality, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The personality Sheen won’t talk to is Nancy Grace. "I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer," Sheen tweeted on Tuesday of the invitation to appear on Grace’s show, the story says.

The article adds, "Asked by Howard Stern why he has spoken to so many media outlets, Sheen said he was trying to ‘right this unconscionable wrong. I have to take the stand for what I know is completely unjustified. Many people are suffering, and I am the only guy that can effect a change.’ "


  1. I don’t blame him. She’s incessantly aggressive, under-informed on every subject, and incredibly stupid.

  2. Cornedbeef, I think you are being WAY to nice in your description. She is a rude, insensitive, classless, boorish waste of skin.
    But that’s just my opinion….

  3. Nancy No-Grace is as smarmy as they come…she revels in blood and misery, soaking her hands in the body fluids of kids simply for ratings. Her sidelong glances, her haranguing of “experts” and others who come on her sleazy show are disgusting. Headline News is the National Enquirer/Star of TV news. So nasty and despicable it shouldn’t be on TV–and neither should she. NG gives lawyers an even worse reputation than they already possess! Mr. Sheen at least has the integrity to give her the brush-off. Slimy b****.

  4. Sheen wasn’t too wasted to know Nancy would rip him a new one. She is one celebrity who helps with her quest to find the freaks who are harming our children. Most men can’t handle such strength and power in a women.. as seen in the above illiterate comments.

  5. Thanks, Pat, for your insight.
    And thanks, Pat, for your insight a second time, too.
    Always good to know there’s an “-ism” behind anything with which one disagrees… be it sexism, racism, or in your case, redundism.

  6. LOL!! Well, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel? HA! Thanks for the laugh….I’m in tears convulsing….Thanks, I really needed that….ROFL~

  7. What a scream! I’ve never laughed at any of the posts on TV Week…Better than a Jerry Seinfeld “joke.” Hey, he’s on Lamo tonight doing “schtick” from the 80’s…Perhaps Nancy and Jerry can get together and create one really mediocre “show.”

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