Video: Sarah Palin Launches Pre-emptive Strike Against New HBO Movie

Mar 5, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has released a video targeting the HBO movie “Game Change,” which focuses on the 2008 election, TVNewser reports.

Palin’s camp has been critical of the movie, in which Julianne Moore plays Palin. The movie’s screenwriter, Danny Strong, told the New York Observer that Palin’s camp declined an offer to screen the movie.

Strong is quoted talking about the new Palin video: “Everything in that video is in the movie. If they would have seen the film before they attacked it, they would know that we have dramatized everything that they put in their video that Sarah Palin supporters are proud of. She really is a dynamic person that did a lot of amazing things for that campaign.”

However, those who have seen it are saying Moore’s portrayal of Palin in the HBO movie is unsympathetic, according to TVNewser.

John McCain has also been unenthusiastic about the movie, as previously reported. “Game Change” is set to premiere March 10.

Here’s the new Palin video:

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  1. Just producing this video proves what a novice she is and how uneducated she is when it comes to propaganda and public persuasion.
    #1 rule: When you don’t want people to watch something, you don’t give it more publicity, that only drives curiosity.

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