Product Spotlight: Matrix

Feb 24, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What it is: Matrix, a wireless communications processor from ViXS
What it does: Matrix is a type of wi-fi (wireless fidelity) chip that can provide wireless functionality to different devices. It is designed for gateway appliances to enable the distribution of broadcast-quality video to multiple wireless devices, including TVs, next-generation plasma and HDTVs, laptops, webpads, PDAs, PVRs and game consoles. The chip is unique in that it has been specifically designed to support multiple streams of video at the same time. “You can record `Naked Chef’ on a PVR and then watch it on a laptop later in the kitchen,” said Ciricia Proulx, marketing director for Toronto-based ViXS. “It can stream content from your computer disk drive to all your TVs. If you are watching TV and want to do picture-within-picture you need two streams,” she said. The chip allows content to be distributed from one set-top box to multiple TVs. It can also enable two HD streams simultaneously.
Companion product: When combined with ViXS Xcode, its video-networking processor, Matrix can stream at 30 frames per second, which is broadcast-quality speed. “We focus on video quality of service,” Ms. Proulx said. “We can guarantee a high level of quality of service across wireless networks.” Until now wi-fi connectivity in the home has been used to share an Internet connection across multiple computers. What will drive widespread wireless adoption in the home is demand for video streaming across multiple devices at a high quality, she said. That’s what ViXS does, she added.
Availability: The product is currently sampling and consumer products containing the chips should be available toward the end of the year. The target market for the chip is consumer electronics device makers, set-top box makers and computer manufacturers.