Product Spotlight: MediaModeler from Zetools

Mar 31, 2003  •  Post A Comment

What It is: MediaModeler is software that manages rich media content and helps create advertising and sponsorship opportunities on station and network Web sites.
How It Works: TV Land used MediaModeler for the interactive TV portion of the TV Land awards show it aired March 12. “TV land wanted to deliver audio and video on the Web-backstage clips, outtakes, interviews, things you couldn’t get on TV,” said David Jensen, Zetools’ executive VP of business development. MediaModeler managed 47 Web “experiences” and enabled the sync-to-broadcast component allowing for the two-screen interactivity. Viewers watching the show on TV were prompted to go online to look at a particular clip.
It’s all About the Ads: MediaModeler allows advertisers to associate their marketing messages with specific types of content. A local TV station site could affiliate all the sports stories and videos with a sporting goods store advertiser.
Target Market: Zetools markets the software to media and entertainment companies and network and local broadcasters. MediaModeler can reduce the cost of production for a Web site since content can be managed by drag-and-drop rather than coding.
Cost: The product ranges from $25,000 to $75,000.