Quick Takes

Mar 24, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“There is no fine line on what is offensive. It is rather subjective. If there was something extremely offensive to me, then yes, I would refuse to listen to or watch the program. Those who support such a program are accomplices to its product.”
Art Rascon, anchor/reporter, KTRK-TV (ABC), Houston
“No. Vote with the remote. That’s what I tell my readers. Offensive is subjective, anyway. I may love what someone else loathes. Plenty of other options on the dial.”
Tim Goodman, TV critic, San Francisco Chronicle
“I would and have boycotted networks not only over inappropriate materials but also for their choices in adding or canceling shows. I also have supported or shunned advertisers for the same reasons.”
Jennifer Wendt, research industry specialist, First Marketing, Florida