Quick Takes

Mar 31, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“History has shown us that good writing is a lot more important than having a big-name star. My favorite sitcom continues to be Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s consistently funny with well-written situations that are all too relatable to our everyday lives.”
Paul Karpowicz, VP, Television, LIN TV
“To be honest, some `reality’ shows seem to have replaced sitcoms as the dessert in my TV diet lately. While I too often forget to watch Everybody Loves Raymond and Bernie Mac, I never fail to laugh when I do.”
Ellen Gray, television critic, Philadelphia Daily News
“A few are funny, and Fox has most of them, including my all-time favorite, The Simpsons. I like my sitcoms smart and sly. Runners-up include King of the Hill, Malcolm in the Middle and Bernie Mac on Fox and NBC’s Scrubs and Will & Grace.”
Diane Holloway, TV critic, Austin (Texas) American-Statesman