Quick Takes

May 12, 2003  •  Post A Comment

“It is hard to define what’s too edgy these days. But since advertiser skittishness has financially damaged so many provocative episodes of smartly written series over the years, it’s hard to complain if it helps stop more silly garbage like Mr. Personality or Are You Hot? from polluting the network schedules.”
Alan Pergament, TV critic, Buffalo (N.Y.) News
“It’s their advertising money, so they should be able to spend it in whatever environment they want. If Olive Garden believes it’s a little too on-message to advertise in an episode of Fear Factor in which contestants tongue horse rectums, then who’s to blame them?”
David Kronke, TV critic, Los Angeles Daily News
“The flip side is the mass of cosmetic interests who are in a mad dash to sponsor the docudateries. They stop at nothing to attract women age 18 to 34. Yet not one of these shows builds a foundation for a true relationship.”
Steve Beverly, broadcasting professor, Union University, Jackson, Tenn.