Jimmy Kimmel: Some Schmo Stole My Show!

Sep 22, 2003  •  Post A Comment

A loser thinks he’s in a major Hollywood production, but-get this-it’s all a prank. Sound familiar? Well, Jimmy Kimmel thought so. He spent several years setting up “Windy City Heat,” about a desperate wannabe actor who is tricked into thinking he landed a starring role in a feature film. Now, a month before it premieres on Comedy Central, Mr. Kimmel is none too pleased about Spike TV’s “The Joe Schmo Show” doing a faux production. “It’s a bit of a sore point for me,” Mr. Kimmel told TelevisionWeek. “Two producers-in-name-only on `The Man Show’ coincidentally came up with [`Joe Schmo’] after we filmed this.” Mr. Kimmel was referring to David G. Stanley and Scott A. Stone, who executive produce both “The Man Show” and “Joe Schmo.” Representatives for Stone Stanley Entertainment and Spike TV denied any connection, noting “Joe Schmo” creators Paul Warnick and Rhett Reese were not involved in “The Man Show” and had set up “Joe Schmo” at Spike TV before Stone Stanley was brought on to produce. “We wish Jimmy nothing but the best, but on this he is just wrong,” said one rep. If the buzz on “Windy City Heat” is any indication, Mr. Kimmel may not have to worry. Copies have been circulating and celebs such as Eminem and Robin Williams are reportedly fans. Hey, wait. Bootlegs building buzz for a Comedy Central show among industry insiders? That’s just like that other show-“South Park”!