You Loved It- Now the Smart Money Says It Will Return

Sep 15, 2003  •  Post A Comment

It turned out last week that “For Love or Money 2’s” Erin Brodie could have love and money by choosing adorable Chad Viggiano, and NBC could give big, tough “Monday Night Football” a run for its money by attracting more than 12 million viewers and scoring a whopping 5.7 rating/14 share among adults 18 to 49. But can NBC figure out a way to keep it alive, now that the secret twists are out in the open? Jeff Gaspin, NBC’s exec VP in charge of alternative programs, thinks so. “How could we not consider bringing it back? It was the highest-rated series of the summer,” he said. “The truth is that even with everybody knowing the secret you can still play this game, because if everybody knows it’s love or money, you still don’t know how people are going to pick. You don’t know their motivations, and that’s what it’s all about. My guess is that we could do it straightforward if we wanted to, but I think audiences are demanding now more twists and turns.”
As for the happy and wealthy couple, a spokesman said they are “dating and very happy.”