CNN Solicits Debate Questions on YouTube

Jun 14, 2007  •  Post A Comment

User-generated video questions submitted via YouTube will be put to candidates participating in the Democratic and Republican forums being telecast on CNN Monday, July 23, and Monday, Sept. 17, respectively. Both will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper
Starting today, YouTube users will be able to submit their questions at www.youtube.com/debates. CNN will produce the televised events and will select the questions used in the debates. Some YouTube users will be in the audience at the debate venues.
During a conference call explaining how the YouTube connection would work and how CNN has “always been on the forefront of change” and has more recently “been busy re-inventing political coverage” in recent years, CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein said, “No debate has ever had the potential to be more inclusive.”
Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder of YouTube, suggested that reporters on the conference call submit video questions and then tune in to see if they get used during the debates.
In addition to the live telecast on CNN, the debates will appear on CNN’s multiple platforms, including CNN.com, CNN International, CNN en Español, CNN Radio and CNN Airport Network. CNN.com’s Election Center will also provide extensive coverage and analysis of the debates, including behind-the-scenes reports, podcasts and on-demand video, including the entire debates in streaming and downloadable formats. The broadcast of the debates also will be made available to all CNN Radio affiliates worldwide, with special coverage available on Headline News and to CNN Newsource affiliates.
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  1. After what we have seen in the past few years, seeing an administration so incompetent and and so willing to trample the rights and civil liberties of its own citizens through a number of means such as illegal wiretapping, the disgusting response to Katrina, and the attempt to stack the deck with federal prosecutors to bring up phony election fraud indictments. Why are you worth voting for?

  2. I want to do what is right and elect our true president from 2000 but I want to know why did you and the democrats not fight when it was obvious that there was voter fraud that was rampent in Florida. All the polls showed you winning but you laid down to the bush family and did more disservice to the America People and our Constitution.

  3. Trent Lott says he has to do something about talk media controlling Americans. Bush says it’s “My Government”. My questions: what will it take for you elitist to remember that it is OUR COUNTRY, not yours. How much longer do you think we can take it? Do you really believe there is nothing we can do, as you so proudly boast behind closed doors? Who’s going to wake you up, your illegal alien maid, or us, the people who put you there to represent OUR wishes?

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