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CBS Television Distribution’s newsmagazine series “Inside Edition” will be getting a bit of a makeover as it gets ready for its 20th season this fall.
The longtime syndicated programming staple is preparing to launch a new image campaign, new graphics and music, new Web site elements and even some new talent as the strip approaches its third decade on the air.
“Even with 20 years on the air, we look at this show as the gem that’s waiting to be discovered,” said Mike Mischler, executive VP of marketing at CBS Television Distribution. “There is still huge growth potential in the show, so as ‘Inside Edition’ prepares for its anniversary, we made every effort to put our best foot forward for our affiliates as well as our audiences.”
Marketing executives opted to make the brand statement “America’s Newsmagazine” for the program. The tagline will be incorporated into promos and the series itself, signifying that the show remains the only non-entertainment newsmagazine in syndication.
Not only will the graphics package receive a new look with a richer palette, but “Inside Edition’s” trademark music will be updated with a more aggressive track.
The constants remain, however, with anchor Deborah Norville and executive producer Charles Lachman, who has renewed his deal with the company.
Mr. Lachman noted that with the anniversary, the series has signed some new faces for this fall and would turn much of its focus to the investigative journalism that originally built the brand.
“This is the best campaign we’ve ever done,” Mr. Lachman said. “It completely reaffirms what the show has been the past 20 years, but also repositions the series for the next generation of viewers.”
Mr. Lachman noted the series would receive upgrades in Washington, D.C., and Detroit this fall, and received new clearances in San Diego and Cincinnati.
“We are in the midst of our five-year master plan of holding on to where we are in the marketplace while other syndicated shows have gone downhill,” Mr. Lachman said. “We have proven ourselves as a trustworthy news source and intend to remain that way for at least another 20 years.”
“Inside Edition” most recently earned a 3.4 rating for the May sweeps period, holding even with last year’s score.


  1. As long as Deborah Norville is the anchor, Inside Edition will do fine.

  2. I was watching INSIDE EDITION TONIGHT {JULY 27}
    the story about the two killers of the family of the Dr…..The younger of the 2 was reported to be adopted!!!!!..as if that was the reason he was a killer….It seems as if tv shows are out to hurt adopted children…I don’t understand why…
    I didn’t notice Inside Editon saying the other man involved was not an adopted person!!!!So u pick out the one that is adopted and sterotype all perople that were adopted …That’s what I call abuse of children…You should be ashamed!!!

  3. Inside Edition,
    Congratulations! Debra has looked elegant
    and sophisticated for about two weeks now.
    Keep up the good work and she will give
    Mary Hart a run for her money. Just keep
    those classic clothes going.
    J. Murrell

  4. I am turning the channel when “Inside Edition” comes on from this point forward. I feel ambushed by the stories about Michael Vick’s pit bull torture and pets left behind when their owners move away, etc. as the upcoming stories are announced at the beginning of your program…. complete with video clips. It breaks my heart to see dogs fighting, or found dehydrated and bereft and I don’t understand why anyone would want to see it.
    If you were to tell rather than show what was coming up, it would be much appreciated and we would have a choice. But for now, I give up on your trashy, lurid, exploitive “news” show and will tell everyone I know that your program is awful, Debra Norville or not.

  5. I saw the story on the lady who was beaten at the police station in shrievport louisiana. I was beaten by six policemen in New Iberia, LA. While waiting for a surgery for an hernia that i got while working offshore as a professional diver. My attorny’s name was Clayton L, Burgess,located in Lafayette,LA. Two or three of the officers were let go. Also during the beating my life was threatened,as well as recieved several kicks while laying on the ground for wearing a hat with the school logo of a black university in Baton Rouge.My first date in court was a monday. A federal judge called my attorney on the sunday the day before,telling him that if i took the stand that she would through me in jail for the maximum time for forgetting one,only one thing from my deposition,which i recounted my every mistake. But i forgot one and only one. And it was nothing very serious. I did tell them during the deposition that i wasn’t sure if i remembered everything though. please tell my story.my #is 530-327-7116

  6. inside edition is all gossip and lies. I don’t watch this garbage no more. I watch other great shows.

  7. inside edition is all gossip and lies. I don’t watch this garbage no more.

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  10. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

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