CBS Pulls ‘Ex’ From Schedule

Oct 27, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CBS has made its first major schedule change of the new season, pulling “The Ex List” from its lineup effective immediately.
The move isn’t a major surprise given how poorly the show has been faring since it premiered. Overall, the series has averaged about 6 million viewers. Last week, “Ex” dropped a disturbing 20% among adults 18-49, falling to a series low.
CBS hasn’t announced any long-term plans for the 9 p.m. Friday slot that had been home to the 20th Century Fox TV-produced show. This week the network will air a repeat of “NCIS” in the slot, which last season was home to fan favorite “Moonlight.”
It’s unclear if production on the series will continue. Ten episodes have been produced so far, including the pilot; production is under way on the 11th episode. Four episodes of the show have aired.


  1. Pardon me while I guffaw.

  2. Well, well, well….imagine that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey CBS…need something to fill that vacant hour on Friday nights that will bring in an audience? How about putting “Moonlight” back on? You might just find an audience worth keeping…and worth ordering a second season for!

  3. YES, Lindyrb….finally the idiots at CBS programming are realizing what a mistake they made pulling Moonlight last year. Too late of course for any real action on their part. All the actors have moved on, no doubt. I so miss that show and couldn’t believe they pulled it. Having watched (and struggling to do so) the replacement show I am not surprised it is being pulled. Sorry to the actors on the Ex!!! Who makes these decisions at CBS and what are they basing their judgements on?!! I’m still mourning last seasons decision and missing Moonlight. That show was really getting interesting unlike the Ex List (not doing anything for me).

  4. Sorry for the actors & crew involved with Ex-List but not sorry for CBS. They had a proven, much loved show in Moonlight but dropped the ball big-time when they canceled it. I hope this sent a big signal to TPTB….listen to your viewers. The power of Moonlight is still evident within the fans & hopefully one day we will have our day….maybe a Moonlight movie to at least give us closure.

  5. well… like our Beth will say KARMA!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gee big surprise CBS. Its a shame that you can’t have Moonlight back since Jason Dohring and Shannon Sossamon have now signed contracts with HBO. Maybe next time you’ll listen to your viewers when they say they want quality programming and not garbage.

  7. KARMA CAN BE SUCH FUN, RIGHT NINA! You really dropped the ball BIG TIME. Maybe you will soon get the AX like you gave out the AX to MOONLIGHT and THE EX-LIST.

  8. Do feel sorry for cast & crew of Ex-List. They need paychecks too.
    We will never know if the TPTB (CBS, WB or JS )are sorry they cancelled MOONLIGHT.
    Too many egos on the line to admit it. So Sad.

  9. Im sorry to all the actors and producers who put their time and sweat into trying to make this show. But sadly for them, they picked a station who doesn’t make the best decisions on how to run the network. Yes sadly enough, instead of watching the cult hit Moonlight, CBS had to already cancel a show this early in the season.
    Eat your heart out Nina 🙂

  10. pity for you CBS
    ill be laughing while im watching the season 1 of beloved Moonlight.

  11. I am so pissed that CBS keeps taking off shows that I get hooked on. First Moonlight and now The Ex List. This is such bull. Put the ex list back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It serves CBS right! They had a great show in Moonlight and didn’t even want to give it a fair shot, knowing full well the writers’ strike hurt a lot of shows. I guess they thought a woman with man troubles would better attract women instead of a show filled with hot, sexy, powerful men kicking butt for an hour.
    Who’s in charge at CBS, because they need to give that idiot a brain.
    I haven’t watched CBS for ANY REASON OR ANY SHOW since they cancelled Moonlight and I ain’t missed a thing.

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