Seth Doane, CBS News Correspondent

Nov 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Background: After a year as field producer for Fox flagship station WNYW-TV’s special projects unit, Mr. Doane was hired in 2001 as an anchor and correspondent for the student-targeted Channel One.

TV News Talent

For the next five years he was a working world traveler. One of his solo trips to hot spots Chad and Darfur earned him a Peabody Award for the shooting, producing and reporting he did while living in a tent. In 2006, CNN International made Mr. Doane a correspondent based in New Delhi. His reports from throughout India and South Asia covered topics ranging from Indian brothels and child slavery in Nepal to the effect of global climate change in the Maldives. CBS News hired Mr. Doane in 2007 and based him in New York, but his assignments keep him on the move. And he’s still a boyish 30.

Buzz: Mr. Doane has more than proved he is a versatile journalist. He’s distinctive and memorable in his appearance and his storytelling, whether it’s about sexual addiction or how, no matter how sophisticated their palates have become, Americans always come back to the sandwich. His stories about “The Other America” include so many memorable characters with compelling tales, they sometimes get spun into a blog entry that borders on a short story. His ability to connect with people produces magic.


  1. This kid is going places…I have watched him report and I too feel he is something special. He relates so well with all different people. I’m so glad he is getting some recognition.

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