Open Mic

MTV’s No-Host Video Music Awards: Much More to Go Gaga About Than Just Beyonce’s Baby News

MTV’s Video Music Awards are known for generating zeitgeist pop culture moments — like Kanye West’s infamous onstage interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009 — and this year’s edition was no exception. The buzziest moment — which generated…

Aug 31, 2011

The ‘Baddest Show in Late-Night’ Is No More — and TBS May Have to Face the Consequences

The “baddest show in late-night,” as host George Lopez called it, is now relegated to the history books — and if there is such a thing, the television business etiquette books, under the chapter of “How Not to Fire Your…

Aug 12, 2011

The Great Consumer Companies, When They Screw Up, Admit To Their Customers They’ve Done So. Does This Video Supplier Have the Guts to Say ‘Mea Culpa’ To Its 23 Million Subscribers?

[Editor’s Note: This commentary first appeared on Jeff Grimshaw’s The TV News, which can be found at www.tvnews.com, and we appreciate Jeff letting us reprint it.]It wasn’t so long ago that we were singing the praises of Netflix, calling them…

Aug 8, 2011

NBC’s Upcoming ‘Playboy Club’: Nostalgic Fun or Something More Sinister? Is It OK to Ignore the Sins of the Past by Saying Hey, It’s Just a Prime-Time Soap, Baby

Comparisons to "Mad Men" were brushed aside. The controversy over a Salt Lake City affiliate’s refusal to run the program was glossed over — because another station picked it up. The argument was set forth that the show is about…

Aug 4, 2011