Open Mic

Falling in Love With, and At, the Movies. What I Said to an Oscar-Nominated Actress. To Which Your Reaction Will Be — I Promise You — No, He Didn’t Really Say That. But Yes, I Really Did

I’m in love with the movies. I like TV, but I’m in love with the movies. Ever since I was a kid, the experience of being in a theater when the lights go down and the 20th Century Fox logo…

Jan 30, 2012

Here’s Who Should REALLY Own the Dodgers

From Mark Cuban to Larry King to Magic Johnson, Orel Hershiser and Joe Torre, the list of people interested in owning the Los Angeles Dodgers reads like a who’s who of high-powered money men and sports celebrities. Among the former…

Jan 26, 2012

ELEVATOR CONFRONTATION AT NATPE! TVWeek and the National Enquirer. What REALLY HAPPENED! The SIZZLE in the HOTEL BEDROOM. Real Boobs! We Tell All

(Miami Beach) — Monday afternoon here at the annual NATPE convention at the Fountainbleau Hotel, I found myself in an elevator with someone I instantly recognized from his appearances on TV: Barry Levine, the executive editor and director of news…

Jan 24, 2012

The Golden Globes Telecast: The Classiest Raunchy Edition We’ve Seen in Awhile

It was the second coming of Ricky Gervais to the emcee podium of the Golden Globe Awards, or actually, the third. After last year’s controversial performance, people forget that the British comedian also hosted the 2010 edition of the kudocast….

Jan 17, 2012

Reportedly the Kindle Is Selling Like Hotcakes. Hmm. Is It Really? This Is the Best Absolutely True Story I’ve Heard Recently

If free can lead to significantly more sales in a real dollars and cents way, one wonders why it’s not a strategy adopted more often. For example, you can get a “starter” iPhone from AT&T for 99 cents right now…

Jan 3, 2012