Open Mic

Costume Designers Awards a Loose, Fitting Affair

Anne Hathaway had the crowd going when she dramatically announced, "We should all take a moment of silence …," took a long pause, and then continued, "for the more than 100 disco balls that died for the sake of my…

Feb 22, 2013

More Honors for ‘Argo’ — an In-Depth Look at the Writers Guild Awards

To twist a popular line from the screenplay — "I’ve never left anyone behind" — "Argo” is apparently not leaving any awards behind. Chris Terrio added another one to the film’s trophy case by taking the award for best adapted…

Feb 19, 2013

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Is Like a Twisting, Turning, Head-Spinning Roller Coaster Ride, and Just as Exhilarating. This Long Presidents’ Day Weekend Is a Good Time to Binge-Watch Season One

I’ve always thought the best dramas usually have the nastiest of villains. Think “one-armed man” in the original TV series — or the movie version — of “The Fugitive.” Or the sicko killer named Scorpio in “Dirty Harry,” played with…

Feb 14, 2013

‘Argo’ Steamroller Continues Its Momentum With DGA Award for Affleck

It was, of course, Ben Affleck’s night at the 65th Annual DGA Awards, and the newly anointed best director of “Argo” could be forgiven for acting almost like a kid in a candy store — or an actor auditioning for…

Feb 4, 2013