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Successful Launches Still Possible

Oct 12, 2008

Fox Business Network’s Baker, Asman Offer Insights Into How It Was Done

‘Smart TV’ Gets Viewers Involved

Sep 28, 2008

Interactivity Will Be a Game-Changer for Television and Web Marketers

Informed Buyers Are Better Buyers

Sep 14, 2008

Study of Black Americans Goes Beyond Mere Demos to Motivation

High Reach Still Key to Best Results

Jul 6, 2008

Smartest TV Ad Buys Cast Their Nets Over the Biggest Audience Possible

Putting Ads Where the Shoppers Are

Jun 1, 2008

ABC New Media Sales Uses In-Store Video to Reinforce Brand Campaigns

‘Clickable Moments’ Can Add Up

May 11, 2008

Watch out, Google: Internet searching could be as close as your TV’s remote control. With all the time and energy being spent by industry experts trying to figure out which TV ads “work” and how to measure, you’d think TV…

Local Stations Should Be Socializing

Apr 27, 2008

Networking Sites Can Help Viewers Connect to Community, Broadcasters

Local Live TV News Is Going Strong

Apr 6, 2008

Study Reports Newscasts Engage Viewers, Offer Sought-After Content

Media Planner: Frequency Is Still Key to a Good TV Plan

Mar 23, 2008

The Correct Amount of Exposure Depends on Product, Competition

TV Central in Mixology of Multimedia

Mar 2, 2008

Medium Generates Most Consumer Response, Triggers Online Search