Latest Twist in the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Dispute Has A&E Bracing for a Duck Deluge

Dec 27, 2013  •  Post A Comment

The controversy surrounding the A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" isn’t even two weeks old yet, but it already has more plot twists than the show itself. In the latest one, fans of the show and its embattled patriarch Phil Robertson plan to put pressure on A&E by flooding the company offices with rubber duckies, the New York Daily News reports.

"The first cardboard box jammed with 1,500 ducks will be sent to the channel’s CEO Nancy Dubuc by Saturday, according to Janet Porter, the founder of the conservative group Faith2Action," the story reports. "Porter said she was looking for a ‘tangible’ way to show A&E that thousands of people support Robertson’s views on homosexuality. Rick Scarborough, president of the partner organization Vision America, came up with idea to organize a ‘Mail The Duck’ campaign. The goal is to fight back against a ‘homosexual agenda’ that conservatives believe is ‘steamrolling’ over their rights to freedom of religion and free speech."

Porter told the paper: “If they can fire Phil for his Christian beliefs, none of us are safe. It’s Phil today, us tomorrow.”

Supporters of the show are reportedly paying $7 for each duck. "The squeaky creatures will be labeled with a sponsor’s name, city, and state, along with the message ‘We cry fowl-Reinstate Phil!,’” the story notes.

Scarborough added: "This is our way of saying we’re fed up with people trying to force their values down people of whole value’s throats."

He also told the paper: “I do believe this is an attack on everyone who holds these values. With these ducks we’re saying that A&E shouldn’t have shut this man down for beliefs they knew beforehand that he held.”

An online petition demanding that Robertson be reinstated on the show has reportedly gathered more than 250,000 signatures.

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  1. Scarborough added: “This is our way of saying we’re fed up with people trying to force their values down people of whole value’s throats.”
    Yet he has no problem shoving HIS values down other people’s throats.
    And if they really were good Christians, they would know that Jesus said to love everyone and forgive them their sins. Not, love everyone and forgive them their sins except for people you don’t like.

  2. Fuck the duck! Get rid of “reality” TV now!

  3. If you watch the show at all, their Christianity has been a central part of the show, so you’re no more having their viewpoint shoved down your throat than a pro-gay message is if you choose to watch Modern Family.
    Remember also that Robertson explicitly stated he’s not offended by or judging anyone; rather the Bible outlines the acts he cited as sins, and you are free to believe it or not.
    But to try to muzzle Robertson because of his beliefs would be like a Christian broadcaster hiring Bill Maher and telling him he’d no longer be able to do his show because of his avowed atheism.

  4. I love how these so-called “Christians” (homophobic, racist?) always seem to think that their point of view is the only one that counts. That THEIR freedom of speech is all that matters.
    This is BROADCASTING/Cable, not a “religious” network. There is a time and place for dialogue and “religious” messages, but in my opinion, not on a network like A & E.

  5. It is astonishing the number of people calling Phil a homophobe or bigot obviously didn’t even read the article. How about educating yourself with the facts before nailing Phil to the cross. All this rhetoric from the gays and their supporters is nauseating. Get a life

  6. Don’t confuse what Scarborough said and what Phil said. Phil only said what he understood the bible to say. GQ asked his thoughts so he gave them. He never said, that felt bad toward the people he was asked about or that, was offended by them. So there is nothing for him to forgive anybody for. He said that he didn’t understand the attraction or the life style, but not that he hated or was personally offended by them. SO yes Christians that I know do forgive when they a personally offended.
    I guess what people really want from Christians is when they get asked what they think then they should lie about it, just to keep everybody Happy, Happy, Happy.
    I understand that the leading cause of death for a homosexual males above the age of 45 is suicide. Which is licked to the lonelyness and emptyness that seems to follow the lifestyle, so if one person turns from this lifestyle and escapes this type of problems in their future because Phil said what he thought then maybe this will be a good thing.

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