Ronan Farrow Not Having a Very Good Summer on MSNBC

Aug 12, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show “Ronan Farrow Daily” isn’t picking up new viewers in the summer months, with the show averaging just 213,000 total viewers in July, reports TheWrap.com.

The show last month drew 43,000 viewers in the news demographic of viewers 25-54, the story adds. “To be fair, viewing levels are lower in the summer months,” the report notes.

Still, from its February debut through Aug. 8, “Ronan Farrow Daily” has averaged 227,000 total viewers, with 54,000 in the key demographic. That means the show is a distant third in the cable news competition for the 1 p.m. weekday timeslot, with Fox News leading with “America’s News HQ/Happening Now” drawing 945,000 total viewers and 169,000 in the demo during the same time period. In second place is CNN’s “Wolf,” with 429,000 total viewers and 106,000 in the demo.

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  1. I am not sure success needs to be measured against the ultra conservative Fox and the mainstream conservative CNN. I think MSNBC needs to stay patient and wait for the heat-up of the Fall.
    Actually, his is one of the better shows you have.

  2. I disagree. You are measured against your competition, regardless of political slant (by the way, characterizing CNN as “mainstream conservative” is one I must admit I’ve never heard anywhere else).
    My 2-cents: Ronan is overmatched. You can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear.

  3. The show is simply vanilla. Boring to no end. Waiting for Ronan Farrow to generate anything more would be asking too much. And there’s something about wearing a tie and looking more mature onscreen that makes you more credible. And Ronan Farrow is not credible.

  4. How unfair for Ronan Farrow!
    The viewers MSNBC want to attract for this time slot are AT WORK-YOU MORONS!
    He is very intelligent and elastic–not the too-easily predictable Matthews with the over-talking,
    Sharpton with the yelling and Chuck Todd being totally against Obama on every issue. He truly belongs on Fox.
    I’ll quickly remove Meet the Press this election season with Todd’s so obvious disdain of the President being rewarded.
    Why can’t a woman be the host(ess) of Meet the Press? No man can fill Tim Russert’s shoes, so why not see if a woman can at least try it on?

  5. Ronan Farrow has shined in the coverage of the unrest in Missouri. I think part of the issue of his show is not the content of his reportage rather his style and his voice don’t necessarily convey authority. Style perhaps not substance is the concern.

  6. I think Ronan is wise beyond his years, I like him. I think his style and voice are just right.
    If msnbc wants higher ratings, test him out in an evening slot!

  7. I like him a lot – very clear and well spoken. I agree that a better time-slot would help.

  8. I just watched his show again. A speech trainer that would lower the pitch of his voice and slow down his words would be good. Again, I like his show and think his insight is good.

  9. I can never focus on the content when he’s talking because I’m trying to decide whether he looks like frank or woody. Interesting that he got the msnbc job just after that issue came up again.

    He just seems fixated at being the smartest kid in the third grade, so smirky.

  10. A little too early, here in Hawaii…but Ronan Farrow is “brilliant beyond his years.”

    He Is like a “Frank Sinatra” with a kinder and wiser soul.;

    I never thought that when Frankie left this earth he would have an angelic, and educated replacement to restore the glory of years of living on the same planet with Frankie.

    NBCTV….Don’t give up on this Dude…


  11. Ronan is brilliant.

    Frankie you sent an angel from heaven…..He has all of your charm, with added features of letting brilliance
    overshadow tough guy.

  12. Its because he’s a pompous ass…………he comes across as holier than tho-a real know-it-all……………

  13. I watch MSNBC throughout the day but often switch channels at 1pm so I don’t have to suffer through his broadcast. I know that he is an intelligent person but he has such a weak speaking style and if he has to speak “on the fly” because of a breaking story, he often fumbles his way through it. I really hope they replace him soon. He may be brilliant but he’s a terrible anchor.

  14. I love his show, unfortunately he has the same time slot as “Democracy Now” here in Honolulu. That is really the News worth listening to. Amy Goodman is the Best there is and without her there would only be the Foreign Press. It is too bad Americans are so ill informed . I always loved MSNBC but they good once are all falling by the wayside.

  15. I like MSNBC But wish Most of them could just Speak a little Slower! It is like they are Arguing with themselves and trying to keep the others from talking. Mr. Farrow on the other hand speaks slow enough but reminds me of Josh Mandel in Ohio that Simply looked and sounded Too Young to be believed or cared about. Give someone else a chance.

  16. Saw him once, disliked him immediately. I had to focus to see his relation to Frank Sinatra, and still not impressed. He makes me dislike msnbc even more, which I did not think could be possible.

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