Scary Must-See Interview From ‘Today’ Show: Nurse at Dallas Hospital That Treated Ebola Patient Who Died Says ‘I watched [the hospital] violate basic principles of nursing … I expected more out of us.’ Hospital ‘never talked about Ebola’ Before First Patient Arrived

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In an interview this morning, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014, on NBC’s “Today” show, “Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital nurse Briana Aguirre, who cared for her friend and co-worker Nina Pham after she tested positive for the Ebola virus, says she can no longer defend her hospital over how she claims it responded to the disease once Thomas Eric Duncan arrived,” says an article on the “Today” show website.

At the bottom of this item you can watch the troubling interview.

The story continues, “ ‘We have a large, wonderful facility … and I watched them violate basic principles of nursing,’ Aguirre told ‘Today’s’ Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview that aired Thursday. ‘I expected more out of us.’ ”

Furthermore, nurse Aguirre told Lauer hospital administrators never talked with nurses and other staff about how the hospital would handle Ebola before Duncan arrived. “ ‘We never talked about Ebola and we probably should have,’ [Aguirre] said. Instead, ‘they gave us an optional seminar to go to. Just informational, not hands on. It wasn’t even suggested we go … We were never told what to look for.’”

The interview with Aguirre comes after a second nurse who treated Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian has been diagnosed with Ebola and has been hospitalized. This second nurse is Amber Joy Vinson.

According to a report in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News, “Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before boarding [a] Frontier Airlines flight [from Cleveland to Dallas on] Monday because she had a slight fever, a federal government spokesperson told NBC News Wednesday.

“Vinson was running a 99.5 degree fever, but was not told that she could not fly, the spokesman told NBC News. When she called in, staff looked at the CDC website for guidance. At the time, the category for ‘uncertain risk’ said a person could fly commercially if their temperature was below the threshold of 100.4 degrees. ‘Vinson was not told that she could not fly,’ the government spokesperson told NBC News.”

Later Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Vinson should not have been allowed to fly on a jet with members of the general public.

Here’s the interview between Matt Lauer and nurse Briana Aguirre:

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