Atlanta Station Continues to Clean House, Boots Anchor After 18 Months

Jun 8, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The housecleaning continues for the news division of a major Atlanta TV station. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that WGCL-TV — CBS46 — sent anchor Scott Light packing after 18 months on the job.

The move reportedly leaves Tracye Hutchins as just about the only key on-air personality who hasn’t been phased out in recent moves at the Meredith-owned CBS affiliate. News director Larry Perret wasn’t commenting for the story, but the piece points out that new management took over the station last fall.

The report notes that others who have been shuffled out in recent changes include Michelle Burdo, Jocelyn McConnell, Stephany Fisher, Larry Smith and Markina Brown.



  1. What the Hell? I can’t believe y’all let Stephanie Fisher Go, And Scott Light was Cool Too. It is challenging to let new people into your home after getting comfortable with veterans news personnel. It appears Meredith Co just can get it right. Too many changes form my taste and my time. I’ll just watch WSB. Channel 2

  2. I watched 46 every morning,but with recent changes I switched to channel 2.I hope you keep tracye hutchins
    or I will switch at night too.

  3. I do not know what the intention is on the part of Merideth or whoever the owner of the CBS 46 Station is, but losing Stephany Fisher was a very bad idea, She was the best Anchor at 46, and when paired with Tracey Hutchins, it was the best duo in the Atlanta market, they were the reason I always tuned in to CBS for my news, now you have forced Fisher out, and replaced her with Sharon Reed, Reed is boring, also I never seem to see Tracey anymore either, so, I now watch WSB 2 , the only time I watch CBS 46 anymore is at noon, I like Kim Passoth, but your new evening lineup is not too good, I hope that Stephany Fisher resurfaces on another Atlanta Station.

  4. I do not watch CBS 46 anymore because I don’t see Tracey Hutchins enough. She is a very classic dresser, beautiful and she knows how to speak the news. I am not sure why she was removed from the anchor desk, but that was a bad move and that is mainly why I don’t tune in to CBS 46. I use to watch the morning show with Jennifer Valdez but recently switched because of the other boring anchors that’s on the show.

  5. Keep Tracey Hutchins with her fine self !!!!!!

  6. First, I had a problem with CBS 46 when they let Brandon go. I loved watching him, Tracey and Jennifer together in the mornings. Then I notice the station going down hill. I loved Stephanie Fisher, Jocelyn McConnell and Michelle Burdo. When they left, that was a wrap for me. The only reason why I continue to watch in the mornings is Jennifer and I still love Tracey. If they let them go, no more watching CBS 46 at ALL. Because everybody else is BORING.

  7. News director Larry Perret has been booted after 20 months at WGCL, and is said to be moving back to California to be closer to family… and his replacement is former KVUE news director Frank Volpicella.

    Meredith has had rotten luck with its Atlanta station since acquiring the station from Tribune… a lot of it has to do with the lack of patience. Meredith was looking to merge with Media General late last year, but those plans were canceled earlier this year, courtesy of Nexstar Media Group. Since the Meredith-Media General merger wasn’t meant to be, and if Meredith is still looking to sellout, I could see E.W. Scripps Company, Hearst Television, or Raycom Media showing interest in the Meredith stations.

  8. You screwed up when you let Stephanie Fisher and Scott, I don’t watch your news station

  9. Keep Tracey Hutchins please. I only watch because of her.

  10. Where is Tracye Hutchins?????

  11. What is going on….I watched Tracy Hutchins for along time on the 4:00 AM broadcast….definitley one of the best anchors in Atlanta and anywhere else….was happy to see Tracey get a shot at evening news and she was as always great….a real professional….and now she is back on the 4:00 AM broadcast….Sharon is kind of boring and seems plastic to me….

  12. Where is Tracey?

  13. Where is Sharon Reed? Thanks.

  14. Life is not the same without Paul Ossman giving the weather report. Of all the stations, I always turned to CBS 46! He will be missed!!!!!!

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