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Was Chris Christie a ‘Hostage’ During Trump Speech? The Internet Thinks So

Mar 2, 2016  •  Post A Comment

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s bizarre appearance last night during a victory speech by Donald Trump has become a bit of an Internet sensation, with many observers saying the usually blustery Christie’s oddly subdued demeanor gave the impression that he was being held hostage by Trump.

“Christie’s seemingly shell-shocked gaze as he stood behind Donald Trump on Super Tuesday is generating befuddlement and mockery in his home state and beyond,” The Washington Post reports, noting that one person tweeted: “Gov. Christie, blink twice if you’re in trouble!”

Various media outlets are reporting that some of Christie’s constituents in New Jersey, fed up with his endorsement of Trump, are calling for Christie to resign as governor.

Here’s “Inside Edition’s” take on the incident …


  1. Well he certainly didn’t look happy.

  2. The look on his face was “Oh my God, what have I done?”

  3. Trump knows where the bodies are buried.

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