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Wendy Williams Loses Sponsor Over Comments About Race

Jul 12, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The daytime talk staple “The Wendy Williams Show” lost a sponsor after the host got in hot water over comments she made about race. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Chevrolet pulled the plug on a deal that included the car maker and other partners in an on-air promotion for the 2016 Chevy Malibu.

The promotion began in April and was scheduled to continue through the end of the year. The move by Chevy comes amid calls on social media to boycott Williams’ show.

The fracas erupted after Williams, talking about actor Jesse Williams’ speech on race at the BET Awards, commented on historically black colleges and the NAACP during her show’s “Hot Topics” segment.

The talk host reportedly said: “On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.”

The resulting backlash has included comparisons of Wendy Williams to Stacey Dash, the Fox analyst who offered similar comments during the OscarsSoWhite controversy earlier this year.

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  1. Chevy…what did Williams say that was not grounded in truth??? Fact is, she doesn’t need your ratty, crappy car as a sponsor of her show anyway !! You go Girl!

  2. I’ve watched her show and she makes ignorant comments all the time. Advertisers should know by now what to expect from her 10-watt brain.

  3. Sounds right to me

  4. well chevy, if you pull out on wendy for speaking truths, I am pulling out of chevy forever!

  5. Good to know there’s an even bigger reason to avoid Chevy.

  6. Best these days to leave race out of the conversation especially if you’re a nitwit like most daytime talk hosts..

  7. What a dumb ass. She’s toast. She is black, makes big money and has her own show. But if she gets fired it will be considered as racist instead of her own ignorance .. stfu!

    • I take it back. Wendy, you rule!

  8. This is call freedom of speech OKAY she should be punished because she is talk show host we all speak our mind . WELCOME to freedom , as a black individual some one will find fought in us anyway , if she was a white woman Chevrolet would have honor her for the statement. You go girl , don’t let anyone take your freedom of speech from you , that is your Constitutional right , Chevrolet u r band in my house because if you think u can tell someone what to say then u feel u can tell me what color Chevrolet I could buy REALLY!!!??

  9. She speaks the truth. Exactly what I’ve always wanted to say.

    • Then Flo you are as IGNORANT as she is! Everything is basically “white only” meaning whites are in control of society’s institutions and serve as the gatekeepers who decide whether and/or when we as people of color can enter or participate and to what degree. Thus the rise of HBCUs, The Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities, NAACP, The Girl Friends, The Links, The Chums and other Black entities. WE HAD NO OTHER OPTIONS at our disposal during the times that the organizations were created!

  10. Everyone took her comments out of context. She didn’t talk down on hbcu. People just want a reason to hate on her. She didn’t say any racist remarks. There are more important things to place our attention on.

    • Kimberly read my reply to Flo. You are right in that she did not disparage HBCUs but she showed extreme ignorance in questioning why we don’t have “white only” colleges and universities!! Outside of HBCUs – the all “function” for the most part as “white only.” THINK about it!

  11. I say to still boycott her. She prides herself on gossip and having a big mouth. Just because you have done it for years does not make it right! There is a time to grow up and stop throwing stones and being a bully on TV. I think of her as a wounded bird. Someone hurt her feelings real bad over the years and she is on the attack. I will not buy from anyone whom supports her. Going on other sites, others feel the same way. Enough is enough. Her talent is dogging people. Her fans love that she’s rude. You have this man dressed as a women and making fun of people five days a week. BOYCOTT WENDY!!!!!

    • First of all, there are several talk shows, comedians and others in the public eye that give there opinion and “gossip”. Ever seen The View or ANY cable news? Then you make malicious statements about her. Change the channel. HOW YOU DOIN

      • ?

  12. I take back my comment. Ms. Williams made a great point. Why are certain races treated differently than others especially in education? Why is it okay for a school to promote that it is all black but that another school that is predominantly white cannot state so? F**k Chevy.

  13. Whats the problem? Everybody knows blacks can’t afford Chevies. At least I never see them in one. Just Cadillacs.

  14. You all are racist black people think blacks are more important and white people think the same… why don’t we all go by the race we were given at birth,and it would stop all this hate and bigotry…. We are 1 race and that is the human race. Red and yellow black and green… We are all human

  15. Look Wendy just puts it out there. Thats why I love her so much. She will say the things that other people only think about . She didnt say anything wrong or racist. She was simply stating facts. I am a female who sees no color becauae at the end of the day we all still bleed red. #SILYMI

  16. where is the white guy that sits w/the young black guy on your show.they are so cute together.they have the answers for you when you need them.and they both know what’s going on everywhere.now just the black guy is sitting there in his chair by himself.the two of them were a great team for you and they were very funny.sincerely,lillian

  17. Chevy,
    WENDY IS A COMEDIAN THAT’ S HOW SHE MAKE HER MONEY. You make yours selling cars
    .SHOULD WE STOP buying your cars because you make one that’s not a best seller. If you believe a person’s job should be taken because of a racial remark? GO get Trump, his children and his staff throw them out and put a real man in there.

  18. I nominate Williams and Colbert for Guantanamo.

    • Guantanamo isn’t on a “nomination” system, but if it were, I seriously doubt anyone would give one-tenth of a full shit about what you say.

  19. ‘I’m hispanic, Native American, I love Wendy’Why does everything have to be about color? We all know that there are lot’s of race’s out there that don’t like one another! People just forget that we are all the human race?

  20. I think too much is being read into Wendy’s comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when one is given that is not like by ALL, it’s a racist comment. Their are a lot more subjects that need attention than this comment given as her personal opinion. If u agree great, if your indifferent that’s even better, and if u disagree move on. No big deal! Don’t worry about it life is too short!

  21. I don’t know what there is to be offended about period. I wouldn’t care if there were Predominately Black or White Colleges..,Or the NAACP for Caucasians People..Black or White all different Nationalities have their own Culture and the Things that make all of Us Unique, but God Made us all and he said that we are fearfully and Wonderfully made.

  22. I don’t know what there is to be offended about period. I wouldn’t care if there were Predominately Black or White Colleges..,Or the NAACP for Caucasian People..Black or White all different Nationalities and all Different Colors have their own Culture and the Things that make all of Us Unique, but God Made us all and he said that we are fearfully and Wonderfully made. I think Our Country has some major problems and it would be so much nicer if everything wasn’t about White or Black. Personally I Have Never owned a Chevy and I don’t plan on ever owning one. What Wendy says one way or the other is her opinion and has no bearing on the kind of Vehicle I drive. If Chevy doesn’t want to Sponsor her that’s them. The show will go on..?

  23. Wendy Williams is a very rude person period!. There’s a way of making comments period about people, organizations, schools, whatever. I know everyone has freedom of speech blah blah blah.. But she is so dam rude! And I know I can turn the channel no need to say but she puts down everybody and she’s needs too look in the mirror!. I loved hearing the interview of judge Mathis going off on here, I said….dam, it’s about time someone did!. I love when people read her ass because I don’t know why she thinks she can just say whatever she wants which she does. It’s rude and,disrespectful, at least do it with just a little more taste. I don’t care if u don’t like my comment. I’m going to still feel the same!. Bye!

  24. I agree that Wendy is rude. First she begins with she likes u and then she trashes u. And she is not like her audience she has a talk show, her regular people status is behind her. And if u don’t agree with her she says turn the camera off them. I just can’t believe all of her audience agrees with all of her comments. Is she behaving like trump where she is bullying those who don’t agree with her rude statements?

  25. 12/28/17
    She was complaining about Enimem spouting racists rants.
    Then she says “Leave the racism to us”
    Typical shit she spews from her mouth.
    Don’t watch her crap!!

  26. I watched that show for the first time and it’s absolutely pointless. I’m puzzled how people make money over gossiping about the lives of people they will most certainly never meet. My guess is most those audience attendees stay home and live off Facebook. This world is so fucked with the future going towards this crap. And no I’m not racist, that’s always the first damn comments people make; all because of their own issues, low self esteem, and the need to feel important in their own cyber life of drama.

  27. I have seen his show a few times and it is obvious he is racist. And a big ole bully! If he goes outside in the rain he will dround .. Wonder how much his nose cost ?

  28. She’s an idiot. I watched 5 minutes of her show once and knee she is a fool. This is another reason not to watch daytime television. Judge Mathis hates white people, People’s Court judge is stupid and Judge Judy is just crazy.

  29. She’s an idiot. I watched 5 minutes of her show once and knew she is a fool. This is another reason not to watch daytime television. Judge Mathis hates white people, People’s Court judge is stupid and Judge Judy is just crazy.

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