NBC Cancels ‘Timeless,’ ABC Cancels Tim Allen Sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’

May 11, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“‘Timeless,’ the top pick in USA Today’s Save Our Shows poll, won’t return for a second season,” writes our good friend Gary Levin in the Gannett newspaper.

Levin adds, “Another show that received high support for renewal in the Save Our Shows poll, ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing,’ also is being canceled. The Tim Allen comedy is in its sixth season.”

Levin notes that NBC’s “time-travel fantasy ‘Timeless,’  which has been off the air since February, was a modest performer behind ‘The Voice,’ and aired only a 16-episode first season.”

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  1. Allen is too political…

    • Yeah, unlike EVERY stinking “I’m with HER” button-wearing lefty show on TV.

    • Bet you don’t say that about Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Cher, Meryl Streep. et al.

  2. I can’t believe they are canceling a good family show! They are too hard to come by, something you can watch while children are in the room! I guess another reason to turn off cable!

  3. If NBC was smart they would pick up “Last Man Standing”. The show averaged 6 million viewers on Friday nights, and was #1 in its time slot, without a lead-in. When was the last time any of NBC’s sitcoms had an audience of 6 million viewers (and it was on Friday night, with no lead-ins). “Last Man Standing” is also better than any of the sitcoms NBC has aired in many years—probably since “Will and Grace” back in 2006. Also, for NBC to get a big star like Tim Allen, would greatly improve NBC sitcom lineup, and more than double NBC’s sitcoms ratings (The ratings for “Great News” on Tuesday only had 2-3 million viewers, after a “Voice” leadin). NBC this is your chance, to steal a big name show (and star) from ABC.

  4. Pride will prevent NBC from grabbing a competitor’s sitcom. But don’t be surprised if Hulu, Netflix or Amazon grabs it. Loyal fans are what those networks are looking for.

  5. Last Man Standing was the only show on broadcast television where the man of the TV family was not a complete stooge. Every other father on TV is just a butt of jokes. Mike Baxter was the guy who had wisdom based on hard work and experience and tried to lovingly impart that to his wife, children, co-workers, friends, and neighbors, all while being a fun guy to be around. He also clearly loved his wife and children unconditionally.
    Clearly such a character had to go and a program that demonstrates such values is not desirable on a network like ABC. Watch when they will soon renew the ridiculous Dr. Ken.
    Hopefully Netflix will pick Allen’s show up. The six seasons are already there. If Netflix can support silly comedy shows like The Ranch, it can surely support Last Man Standing.

  6. I knew the minute Tim Allen made his comments that the show would be canceled. That, unfortunately, makes his comments correct. I don’t agree with him but I like the show. There are mixed political views in the show’s household and that reflects most households.

  7. Will miss this show. Good clean family values. Hope Amazon picks up.

  8. No. Hated his show because he always included politics…..

  9. If no other network picks up “Last Man Standing”, the producers could put the show in first-run syndication—with new episodes (like many shows back in the 1980s). Since the show is already a success in re-runs, the producers would definitely make back any production cost (plus a profit) on the new episodes, and would make the re-run package a more valuable package with the additional episodes. The first-run episodes could have an audience of eight-million viewers, even on a Friday night.

  10. I watch it in syndication almost every day. Too bad it was canceled.

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