Scott Pelley Returns to ‘CBS Evening News’ With His Days Numbered

Jun 6, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley now knows how much more time he has on the network’s flagship news program. Pelley is back from a time out to report for “60 Minutes,” and the program announced on Twitter that he will stay in the anchor chair through Friday, June 16.

As we reported previously, Anthony Mason will then take over the job on an interim basis, while Pelley moves full time to “60 Minutes.”

TVNewser quotes David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun summing up the Pelley situation this way: “Pelley’s done a lot of good things. I share most of his values as a journalist. But he mimicked, he imitated Dan Rather, even Edward R. Murrow, in an age where it’s a much different television medium. It’s more improvisational, it’s more fluid, it’s more relaxed. His formality from that era, when television was more formal with someone speaking down to you from the heights of the anchor desk, is gone. And he was not going to pick up.”


  1. Thank goodness Pelley is back. I have just changed to CBS for all of my news, as have my daughter and son’s families, as we couldn’t understand what the hell the other channels main reporters were saying! It was like listening to a machine gun! And the content of the other stations made no sense, leaving out the main topics on the stories. Very disappointed and scared when I saw that he(Pelley) was reported to have been let go? PHEW. RELIEF! He’s back with the best reporting ever. Thank you CBS. Intelligent heads prevailed!

    • You may want to DVR the shows between now and June 16 so you can rewatch them after he’s gone.

  2. Agree with Mary Quinn…it’s a relief to have him back. A steady hand and an unbiased report.

  3. CBS has made a big mistake Scott Pelley is clearly the best evening anchor amoung the three major networks. I have watched the changes in anchors amoung all of the networks and have continued watch CBS because of Scott Pelley. I doubt that I will continue to watch CBS for the evening news.

  4. It’s called journalism and I will not watch a broadcast network newscast when he’s gone.

  5. The problem is not with Scott Pelley but with CBS news period. It is totally biased.

    • How so?

  6. i like scott pelley.but i’m old.

  7. I’ve watched CBS NEWS my entire 65 years. Learning that he’s been fired for being “too formal” means he was DOING HIS JOB!!! The news, especially in this world we live in, IS SERIOUS and I’m not interested in watching Comedy Central’s version of the daily news. I guess when Pelley is gone. I’ll switch to PBS for “formal” news.

  8. Huge mistake. We love his style of news delivery. He delivers without all the drama and hype of David Muir. Won’t be watching CBS news again. Stupid decision!!!

  9. Scott Pelley is the best news anchor on TV. He has an easy way of speaking and explains news without speaking in rapid fire. He also seems like a very nice person. A big mistake to let him go! Guess it’s on to the rapid fire way of speaking, like Seth Meyers. Hard to understand that guy!

  10. David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun seems to denigrate Ed Murrow’s serious journalism as well as Dan Rather’s, along with Pelley’s; but perhaps he refers more to their probing, aggressive manner of challenging the weaknesses and foibles and fraud of big institutions of government and business? Anyway, maybe the network can retain most of their opening by intoning “This is the CBS Evening News without Scott Pelley” His graceful, modulated, adult verbal professionalism will be sorely missed, leaving national news to the verbal speed-merchants of the air.

  11. If Scott Pelley goes, I will feel as if I have lost a friend. He is the only nightly newscaster worth listening to, that delivers the news straight and clearly. The last news report each evening is always an uplifting humanistic story. His reaction to these stories always mirrors mine and is something I look forward to every evening. You can feel how he has been touched by the story with his warm smile and sometimes teary eyes; and I am left feeling upbeat at the end.

  12. Scott Pelley is the best news anchor!!!

  13. Scott Pelley Total Professional and seems like a Real Guy he will be missed nightly at 6:30pm
    here in TAMPABAY CBS-10. Not sure why the local and now National CBS -Tv replacing
    great people with these younger people which I don’t think of as NEWSCASTERS ! Instead they
    act like they on a reality tv show- BAD

  14. I was very, very, happy to see Scott Pelley back on the CBS Evening News. I get home from work around 7 pm and have my TV channel set to WJZ 13 (Baltimore), so that I can catch his evening news broadcast as soon as I arrive. I am very disappointed that CBS has chosen to not let him continue. CBS needs to re-think this choice. Scott is a refreshing presence to evening journalism. Thank you for your time.

  15. How so?

  16. Scott Pelley is an adult among children. Maybe a lot of Americans don’t like people who think and talk like adults. Pelley was on the topic of global warming as fact when most of the mainstream news was treating it (and largely still does) as a quaint idea. He understands that refugeeism is not a temporary thing but a foreshadowing of things to come. He was conscientious about massacre in Gaza when our whole Congress said unanimously: “Bring it on!” Scott does not tell bedtime stories even though that seems to be what the Market (what “we the people”) seem to favor these days. I think that in a pursuit of a few more millions, poor little Les Moonves has caved to a quest for ratings and the world of former Fox-News director David Rhodes. Shows that Moonves intends to duck his rendezvous with destiny and tred without distinction his way to dusty death. The CBS News should be renamed the BS News–and I intend to watch it no more once Pelley is gone.

  17. Similar to many of the above comments, I admire Scott Pelley! I switched from NBC a long time ago BECAUSE of Scott Pelley. He is calm and level headed. He speaks truth to power. Now I will stop watching all broadcast news. I will never give up PBS News Hour – it will be the last port in the storm.

  18. Why is CBS Evening news getting rid of Scott Pelley. He only reported the facts no bias with is reporting. It is a breath of fresh air… A very big mistake.. Going to PBS or BBC news..

  19. Funny this news of Pelley’s firing came a few days after my daughter and I were discussing how this was the ONLY main stream national news show we liked to watch., and it was because of Scott Pelley!!!

  20. Scott Pelley is the best to watch on nightly news. Very disappointed he is leaving. We will also be watching PBS for a calmer, more realistic view of the world.

  21. But ad move to let him go. I too share the thoughts that he is the best. I want to hear news, not someone’s biased opinions, yes, that means u NBC and cnn. What has happened to the nightly news just to find out what is going on in the world????

  22. When Scott Pelley is gone, I will stop watching CBS evening news…big mistake…he’s the best!!!

  23. I love Scott Pelley. Please bring him back CBS news! ☹️

  24. Since CBS fired Scott Pelley I’ve given NBC and ABC nightly news a fair chance. CBS made a big mistake…there is no one who delivers the news like Scott Pelley. Like so many, I’m switching to PBS.

    Susan Sisco

  25. Please bring Scott Pelley back to CBS evening news. He is the best among all news stations combined. If he isn’t brought back I am my family will have to find another news person we like and that is going to be hard to do.

  26. Ridiculous decision to fire Scott Pelley. The best ever. Big mistake. I’ll be switching. Agree with all the other comments published above. I no longer look forward to seeing CBS Evening News

  27. What the heck! Just discovered Scott is gone from our nightly news? We have been somewhat off the grid for a bit & thought he was on vacay or brief haitus. His witty (right on) “Trump-isms” enlightened our evening news. In a time of uncertainty we trusted his reporting. We look forward to David Hartmans segment but mourn the loss of Scott Pellet.

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