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De Niro’s Trump Comments Get Bleeped by CBS, But Go Viral — Here’s the Uncensored Version

Jun 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Actor Robert De Niro sparked a politicized uproar during Sunday’s Tony Awards, televised live by CBS. De Niro, who was at the ceremony to introduce a performance by Bruce Springsteen, dropped some “F-bombs” in reference to Donald Trump.

His comments were bleeped from the broadcast by CBS, which issued a statement saying: ‘Mr. De Niro’s comments were unscripted and unexpected. The offensive language was deleted from the broadcast.”

De Niro said: “I’m gonna say one thing, ‘F–k Trump.’ It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘F–k Trump.'”

CNN reports: “The comments, which were not censored in the Australian telecast, earned De Niro a standing ovation from the crowd at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and stirred conversation on social media.”

Predictably, some commenters supported De Niro’s position, while others found it offensive. The report quotes one Twitter user writing “Robert De Niro is my favorite rapper.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “No matter who the President is or what your politics, this behavior is not merely inappropriate for this (or any) event; it’s juvenile & stupid, even deranged. And yet it was met with a standing ovation. These snobs think this is somehow courageous.”

Below is an uncensored video of De Niro’s comments, posted by The Guardian …


  1. I was actually enjoying the Tonys last night until Mr.Kushner made the Nazi comment (I’m Jewish and have known many Holocaust survivors) then DiNiro came on and I immediately turned the tv off — I am a subscriber to the Light Opera –but I will now cancel my membership after seeing how the actors in the auditorium applauded him after his outrageous comments about our President — Also, I will no longer watch ABC — they should have never given him a platform to speak because they know how outrageous he is –my entire family is disgusted with these spoiled actors

    • I can easily understand your viewpoint. There’s an appropriate time and place to vent one’s displeasure with this country’s politicians.

      Yet, if I understand you correctly, you have no problem with the innumerable offensive comments made (before and after the election) by the current occupier of the White House?

      That’s outrageous.

  2. The Tony Awards show that Robert deNiro appeared on (with his offense comments), aired on CBS. not ABC. ABC has it’s own issues, with other offensive comments from Roseanne Barr..

  3. I guess the appropriate place for offensive, juvenile comments is tweets from the White House, not prime time television? In any event, I’ll note that CBS (not ABC) bleeped the comments in question, which is more than Trump would bother to do.

  4. Do the editors of TVWeek get some kind of juvenile kick out of posting videos where people use the “F” bomb? Do you sit around giggling and pointing to the screen and giving yourselves high fives for what you posted? Just curious, as it’s been included in every email I’ve received from TVWeek since the incident. .

  5. To “sceptical observer” — here’s an easy way to avoid that “F bomb”: don’t play the video. Or, for that matter, don’t click on the article. Amazingly, that really does work if you don’t want to hear it.

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